Square Enix Presents Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin & Sleipnir

By Yue Lynn on Mar 7, 2018

While folks are still mad over the FFXV Royal Edition and The Sims 4 DLC costume shenanigans, Square Enix nonchalantly release some non-video game, video game merch aka the Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin & Sleipnir figures. As reported by The Toyark, “these figures are part of the 6″ scale Bring Arts line, but will tower over many of the releases in the line up. Odin stands nearly 10″ tall (almost as tall as a Play Arts Kai release), while Sleipnir stands nearly 14″ tall. Odin will include interchangeable hands, a shield, a sword, and a spear.” Additionally, these figures which cost around USD299.99 (around RM1k+) will be released around July/August later this year.

According to The Toyark, here’s the official info from Square Enix:

He cleaves advancing enemies in twain with a single thundering blow from his blade, Zantetsuken, the namesake of his signature attack. He is Odin, one of the most popular summons in the Final Fantasy series, now recreated as a Creatures Bring Arts figure under the artistic direction of legendary sculptor Takayuki Takeya!

Odin can be posed riding horseback on his trusted steed Sleipnir, the six-legged stallion. The figure’s construction allows collectors to display him in a wide range of poses. From the ball-jointed articulation of the figure to the three-piece construction of Odin’s cape allowing for a range of unhindered motion, among others.

The colouring of the figure has been carefully considered, with gradated shadows and other details in the shading implemented thoughtfully in order to emphasize the details of the sculpt. For anyone who loves Final Fantasy, this figure is a must have.

Some details regarding the figures from HobbyLink Japan:

Figure info: Odin is about 24.3cm tall while Sleipnir is about 35.4cm long, 28.6cm tall.

Set will contain: Odin, Sleipnir, Sword, Spear, Shield, Interchangeable hands (x2)

More photos of the figures below:

While these Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin & Sleipnir figures are impressive, there’s fat chance a lot of people would buy it as the price is too high. Moreover, Square Enix and Final Fantasy series’ reputations are currently taking a nosedive. But hey, don’t let me rain on their parade. #amirite

All images are courtesy of Square Enix.

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