Square Enix is open to do more Final Fantasy remakes, and they’re letting fans choose “what they want to see”

By Kin Boon on May 18, 2017

Image credit: TechnoBuffalo
Image credit: TechnoBuffalo

Final Fantasy has a long history in producing some of the best JRPGs that have graced the gaming world, and while most of them are classics and timeless in their own right, fans would still love to see a remake of their favorite FF titles. The only Final Fantasy remake currently in the works by Square Enix is FF VII, but they are certainly open to the idea of doing more in the future.

According to game director Takashi Katano, it is more beneficial for them to do a remake instead of a remaster for games that were released on older consoles. “[Final Fantasy 12] is a PS2 title, and you look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2 era is going to be quite difficult to do a modern remaster of to a suitable level of quality, that means [a future game] is far more likely to be a remake,” said Katano in an interview with International Business Times.

Just to clear the air about the difference of a remaster and a remake, the former is just a fresh look for a game that looks slightly dated, usually with slight visual and audio enhancements, while the latter is a rebuilding from the ground up. It certainly makes sense for Square Enix to prefer the remake route, considering a simple remaster is just not possible to present old Final Fantasy titles to modern audiences, especially those that were released before the turn of the century.

As for the next remake they are planning to work on after Final Fantasy VII, Katano said it is up to the fans to decide. “We really have to hear their voices on that, if they want to see a remake or a remaster of a certain game then that's more likely to be the one we go for. I've personally been working at Square Enix for 20 years now and I've got a lot of memories from that time,” he said. “I think the way that we look at it is not the game that [we] would like to remake it's really down to what the players, the fans, want to see.”

So put your signature on any petition that you can find, and hope Square Enix will take notice and turn it into the next remaster. And oh, just pray hard that Tetsuya Nomura won’t be involved in it, unless you don’t mind the long wait.

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