Square Enix Is Bringing Final Fantasy VII And The Avengers To Tokyo Game Show 2019

By Dale Bashir on Aug 28, 2019

Tokyo Game Show is the time of the year for all Japanese game companies to go all out in showcasing the best games they have coming soon. Square Enix is arguably one of the biggest of the bunch, has a number of huge games coming in 2020 and they'll be showing these games off at TGS 2019. 

The biggest two games that they'll be bringing to the fray is definitely the Final Fantasy VII remake and the upcoming Avengers video game. These games have been shown off and playable previously at this year's E3, and is gaining a ton of buzz with their release date's being less than a year away.  

Other notable games they'll be showing are also a handful of remakes that will be coming to consoles soon. Firstly being the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, which was a Nintendo Gamecube exclusive back in 2003. Next will be the highly anticipated Trials Of Mana, which will sadly not be making a playable appearance this time. Lastly, the recently announced Star Ocean: First Departure R, which is a HD port of the remake of the first Star Ocean game that was first released in 2007.

Besides that, most of Square Enix's other offerings includes the already released Dragon Quest XI S, the new mobile Octopath Traveller title, and the tactical mobile game, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. If you're stopping by Tokyo Game Show 2019, you won't want to miss out on these games!

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