Speedrunner sets a record for beating all 714 NES games after three long years

By Kurtis Chan on Feb 28, 2017

A speedrun is a play-through or a recording of a video game performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. And this particular speedrunner has done what no one has ever attempted in the history of speedrunning, which is speedrunning all 714 Nintendo NES games. Piotr Delgado "The Mexican Runner" Kusielczuk is the first man ever to achieve this unbelievable feat and it took him three long years to do so.

Kusielczuk is an accomplished speedrunner who has records in both Battletoads and Contra, but it wasn't enough for him. He initiated a challenge to himself called The NESMania Quest which is quite different from a typical speedrun. Instead of seeing how quickly he could beat a particular NES game, he tried to see how long he could stand to play all of them. Kusielczuk's challenge started back in May 28, 2014 when his friend jokingly suggested the idea to him.

The final game that he completed was Super Mario Bros 3, and after that he started celebrating the achievement by playing his guitar and singing, while recapping his top ten favorite memories from the 900 days he spent on the Nintendo NES. His list includes 679 games that were released in North America and 35 PAL-exclusive games, which adds up to 714. For the games that don’t have strict “win” conditions, Kusielczuk played until things started looping or until there was no way to make further progress. Some of these games were classics and some were only simulators like Miracle Piano Teaching System. The game was designed to teach kids how to play the piano and in order to beat the game, he took 91 hours to learn how to play the piano.

After putting in so much effort, patience and dedication, Kusielczuk deserved the title of becoming the first person in the world to complete all games available to a single console. Maybe he will be an inspiration to others who wants to attempt the same thing he did in the near future. Check out his Twitch channel for his past streams on the NESMania Quest to see how the legend did it.



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