Sony might compete with Nintendo Switch after filing patent for lookalike handheld device

By Kin Boon on Feb 20, 2017

We are less than 2 weeks away from the release of the Nintendo Switch, and as much as we expect Nintendo to continue their domination in the handheld market, Sony might already have a contingency plan to rival the console. A patent was filed by Sony for a new handheld device with a lot of design similarities to the Switch. According to NeoGAF user ponpo, the patent was apparently filed in 2015, but it has just recently become public.

This would be a surprising move to say the least, considering the lacklustre sales of PS Vita. 15.25 million units sold might not seem like a bad figure, but it pales in comparison with its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, which sold 80.82 million units. Even its current competitor, the Nintendo 3DS has led the race comfortably with 63.82 million units sold.

The design doesn’t look as elegant as PS Vita, but Sony might have sacrificed the sleek look for a greater ergonomic feel. What it does look like is some sort of tablet device that’s sitting in a controller mount, which will be similar to the Switch in handheld mode. With that said, the patent photos doesn’t seem to indicate that any of the parts are removable.

If Sony were to release this device, it would have a hard time in competing with Nintendo Switch. With the handheld/console hybrid generating a lot of buzz ahead of its release, along with the high competitiveness level in the mobile gaming market, Sony would have to severely up their game to prevent another case of the Vita.

Source: Digital Trends

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