Some Earth-Shattering Heroes are Joining The Fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Dale Bashir on Nov 17, 2017

As reported by Gematsu and with a magazine scan from Shonengamez, 3 new fighters from Dragon Ball Z's penultimate Buu Arc will be joining the highly-anticipated Dragon Ball Z fighting game by Arc System Works.

Via Shonengamez
Via Shonengamez

2 of the newly announced characters are alternate versions of existing characters who are already in the game since its announcement, which are the Kid verion of Majin Buu and the adult version of Son Gohan, both offer wildly different playstyles to their Fat and Teen incarnations respectively. Kid Buu is definitely more agile and erratic compared to his chocolate-loving obese counterpart, while adult Gohan is more ki-focused and is not in his Super Saiyan form, instead utilizing his "Mystic form" that was unlocked right before he faced Majin Buu.

An especially neat and definitely what the fans have been hoping for is the inclusion of Gotenks, the fusion of Trunks and Son Goten, who are the sons of Vegeta and Goku respectively. They will appear in their Super Saiyan 3 form, along with all their playful attacks like the Galactic Donut, Die Die Missiles and Volleyball attack, which according to the scans, will change the partner Gotenks will play volleyball with depending on the characters the players choose.

The developers of the game have slowly been revealing characters as the months go by, leading up to the release of the game. Last month we had the unveiling of two villains, Nappa and Captain Ginyu as playable fighters. Dragon Ball FighterZ is really shaping up to be the best video game adaptation of the classic anime and manga. Though not all of the characters on my list have cropped up, it still something to be excited about. Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on the 26th of January 2018.

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