Six-Week Old Team Defeats Fire Dragoon in Malaysia Leg of Asia Pacific Predator League 2018

By Dale Bashir on Nov 28, 2017

Geek Fam, a fresh-faced team comprised of Chyuan, Oli, and March from Malaysia and Skemberlu and Playhard from the Philipines, gave it their all in Acer's Asia Pacific Predator League that was held last weekend. The rookie team went on to face off country legends, Fire Dragoon, in a thrilling 5-hour match of DOTA 2 that culminated in their victory and ensured their place in the Asia Predator League 2018 Grand Finals.

Owner of Geek Fam, Lim Keat Kuang aka ‘Sheep’, had this to say: “The game was fun and interesting, and this Malaysia Final was intense. The win was particularly sweet for Geek Fam as we are a new team, formed just six weeks ago. It was a good game and the machines were good; there was no delay or lag, giving us a smooth play,” The machines mentioned were the Predator Helios 300 gaming laptops, which were the main computers used in the tournament.

Geek Fam brought home the grand prize of RM 25,000 from the prize pool of RM 55,000 and will be representing Malaysia in January 2018, at the inaugural Asia Pacific Predator League in Indonesia against other champions of the region. 

Fire Dragoon won second place and brought home RM 10,000 for their efforts. The team which comprised of BrayaNt, Ah Jit, KanGaroo, yaNG, and Alacrity gave it their all but ultimately lost in the Best of 5 of the Malaysian Grand Final. 

Catch all the excitement with the first ever Asia Pacific Predator League, coming soon in January 2018. Homegrown heroes, Geek Fam, will face off other national champions from Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Hong Kong next year in Indonesia. Here's hoping they get to bring the gold back home.

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