Shanghai Dragons Signs Geguri, The First Female Player In Overwatch League

By Yue Lynn on Feb 14, 2018

Shanghai Dragons know how to upstage other teams by opening things up with a bang and making things official: Yass, they have announced four new signings and these four are He "Sky" Junjian, Kim "Geguri" Seyeon, Lee "Fearless" Euiseok and Chon "Ado" Gihyeon. Congratulations to the new players, though Geguri’s signing, in particular, carries a monumental weight and hype as she is now the First (great) and only (bad) female player in the Overwatch League.

Image Credit: whatsshimada. With Geguri in the roster, you can expect to see lots of Zarya and off-tank plays from her.
Image Credit: whatsshimada. With Geguri in the roster, you can expect to see lots of Zarya and off-tank plays from her.

Though ESPN has first previously reported that Geguri will be joining Shanghai Dragons, the rumour mill had spun wildly, with people thinking that she may be joining NYXL instead based on some trivial Twitter-following fiasco and the fact that during the time of said reporting, Overwatch League head office clarified that there has been no official signing regarding Geguri and stated in their reply to PC Gamer: “No player can be considered part of the Overwatch League until we’ve both received a contract for a given player from a team, and also subsequently approved that contract. The League office has not received a contract for Geguri.”

But it seems the air has now been cleared. Back then, Geguri made headlines and history by being the first lady to compete in Overwatch APEX OGN under ROX Orcas (fun fact: Boston Uprising’s Striker was her teammate in Orcas) and now history is repeating itself with Geguri joining Shanghai Dragons, becoming the first female player in Overwatch League. All eyes will be on Shanghai Dragons from now on. 

Below are screenshots of the official press release posted by Shanghai Dragons on their Twitter.

Diversity has always been a touchy issue in the esports industry (read: responses towards the idea of Geguri joining Overwatch League teams) but Scarlett’s recent win and Geguri’s signing prove to be shining beacons of light and hope and a step in the right direction. After all, video games are for everybody!

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