Shadow Warrior 2 finally leaps to consoles, has temporary discount for bundle and Steam version

By Melvyn Tan on May 20, 2017

Image source: Steam
Image source: Steam

Shadow Warrior 2 has finally made the leap to PS4 and Xbox One, bringing more katana-swinging, demon-slaying and Lo Wang to consoleland. The game originally launched on PC in October 2016, so it's been a bit of await.

Luckily, its arrival is sweetened by the presence of a temporary discount for the bundle version, which includes the 2013 Shadow Warrior reboot. The discount reduces the price of the bundle - called The Shadow Warrior Collection on PS4 and Shadow Warrior 2 - Launch Edition on the Microsoft Store - from $69.99 (RM302.36) to $34.99 (151.16), or $35 for the Xbox One version, and runs till the 2nd of June.

If you haven't played the first game already, the bundle discount offers quite a nice deal. The problem, however, is that the Microsoft Store currently doesn't seem to offer Shadow Warrior 2 as a separate purchase (while the PlayStation Store has it for the price of $39.99). If this doesn't change after the sale ends, I imagine that Xbox One owners who wish to get Shadow Warrior 2 will think at least twice.

Developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior 2 ditches the linear campaign structure of its predecessor for larger spaces, side quests and a mix of hand-crafted procedurally generated environments. There's also lots of RPG-style loot and a four-player co-op mode in it as well, which makes it even more distinct and offers the chance to slay demons with friends.

“Flying Wild Hog is excited and relieved to finally bring our biggest and best project to the PlayStation and Xbox communities,” said Flying Wild Hog Studio Director, Michal Szustak. “Shadow Warrior 2 is a huge accomplishment for our little team and a new benchmark for the series so we hope that both our fans and new comers enjoy Lo Wang’s latest misadventures.”

On a related note, Shadow Warrior 2 is also discounted by 40% on Steam, making it only RM45 (or RM60.60 for the Deluxe version). Meanwhile, the Shadow Warrior Collection has a 70% discount and costs RM52.42.

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