Shadow of the Colossus will get a remake on PlayStation 4, because a remaster is not good enough

By Kin Boon on Jun 13, 2017

Shadow of the Colossus was one of the few PlayStation 2 games that gained cult status, and its popularity is still relevantly high, which explains the massive fan reception for its sequel, The Last Guardian. The game has previously received a remastered treatment, but apparently Sony is not ready to give up on it, as they have just announced a Shadow of the Colossus remake for PlayStation 4.

The original version was released back in 2005, before getting bundled with Ico as a remaster for the PlayStation 3, so it’s still a surprise to see Shadow of the Colossus getting a third release, no matter how popular it is. You can expect the typical features that come in a remake, such as new models, textures, lighting effects, and so on. The video above will be a good indication of what to expect when the game drops on 2018.

The remake for Shadow of the Colossus will be a good entry point for the new generation of gamers but then again, will it attract enough buyers to re-experience this cult classic, especially those that have played the original and the remaster?

Source: Games Radar

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