Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash ups the sexiness with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC, first 35 minutes revealed

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 15, 2017

If you thought that Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash didn't have enough swimsuit-clad characters and bounciness (it obviously doesn't), then you'll be happy with the news that more will be added via DLC. And guess who are the latest DLC characters to be announced? Hint #1: they're from a Japanese game featuring swimsuits, beach activities and fan service. Hint #2: That game wasn't released in the west.

Alright, to cut to the chase, Marie Rose and Honoka from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will show up in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash via DLC. Since the third-person shooter will be releasing in the west, this means that western fans will finally get the chance to control these two while engaging in water-filled gameplay. And for everyone else, it's the chance to play as more moe-looking versions of these two characters and seeing a crossover of sorts between two fan-service-laden games.

The Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC will be released on March 30 in Japan, while Western and Asian releases will naturally have to wait, since the release date for the base game itself hasn't been revealed yet.

In the meantime, all of us can watch the first 35 minutes of the game, which has been uploaded on YouTube to show Call of Duty, Battlefield and Overwatch who's the boss this year (even if it's in third person instead of first). The text and voices are all in Japanese of course, so most of you might probably not understand the full context based on the video alone. But let's be serious, most of us are likely to be here not for the context but for the bountiful fanservice, which seems pretty natural thanks to the watergun tournament setting.

Gameplay-wise, I'm not too enamoured with the stuff shown in the first 35 minutes, but there's definitely a sense of fun and odd uniqueness about it. Maybe things will get better later in the single player campaign, and the multiplayer seems pretty entertaining.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash will release in Japan on PS4 on March 16. 

Source: Famitsu (via Gematsu), Gematsu

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