Sega knows that you want PC ports for Yakuza and Persona, and they want it to happen too

By Kin Boon on Jun 15, 2017

Image credit: YouTube
Image credit: YouTube

The PC Master Race can be a fun movement to be a part of, but it can also cause frustration when certain cool looking games on consoles are not ported over. This is especially true with Japanese games, and Sega is trying to change that now by bringing two of their biggest titles, Vanquish and Bayonetta to desktops in 2017 alone. And that won’t be the end of it.

According to Sega Europe’s senior vice president of commercial publishing, John Clark, the Japanese gaming giant knows what PC gamers want to see from Sega, and it most probably coincides with their future plans for ports. "If I asked you to write me a list of ten games you want Sega to bring out on PC, it probably isn't any different from the list [we have]," said Clark in an interview with PC Gamer. "I could ask anyone at Sega: write me a list. And what motivates it? I think there's a certain catalogue that people just have an affinity with.”

"If you send [your] list over I'll tell you which ones we can tick, which ones are on our list, which ones are possibilities, which ones are not possibilities, which ones we've talked about, which ones we're talking about, which ones we're working on, you know, they'll be on that list."

Now of course, ports are definitely nice, but will the games that mattered such as Yakuza be part of the list? "It's on that list," continues Clark. "Of course something we're talking about it… that would just be incredible to bring that to the PC audience."

And you definitely can’t exclude Persona, which Sega comprehends. "Of course, of course—I keep trying to get in ahead of you, I'm trying to guess what you're going to say next. We don't feel that anything is off the table in terms of these conversations,” added Clark. “The fact that as an organization we're having these healthy conversations, they're constructive, we recognize the value, we recognize the value of the community, the IP. The IP has got continued life to grow and get bigger."

I don’t know about you, but judging from the statements above, it seems that it’s not a matter of if, but it’s a matter of when these much-requested ports will be making their way to PC. Just don’t count on them to launch anytime soon.

Source: PC Gamer

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