Sega Forever and Ever and Ever

By Sacharrine on Jun 25, 2017

Update: as of 26-6-2017

I tried the original Sonic the Hedgehog after downloading it off the Google Play Store. You DO need a constant internet connection even after downloading it for some reason. Otherwise, the game does work fine and downloads very quickly in WiFi. Have updated the post below accordingly.



Sega. Now, that is a name that I haven’t heard of in a while… apart from last year anyway and short of the usual Sonic games and whatnot. Sega. Used to make consoles eons ago. But now? Well, they sort of do still do it? But their consoles are now made by a third party. Which brings us to today, because Sega has decided to release their games for Android and the iPhone.

Yes, that’s right. All the games Sega has ever made for their own consoles from the Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive and Dreamcast will now be available on your smartphone or tablet. The game collection is being called Sega Forever and the kicker so far, is that all the games will be available… for free. I’m going to pretend I heard jaws dropping onto floors. Yes, for free. You can check for yourself here.

According the Sega Forever’s site, the games have also been updated so that you are able to:

  1. Save your game progress
  2. Support Bluetooth controllers
  3. Offline play (Not yet implemented it seems)
  4. Global leaderboards

Furthermore, games will be released every month and will all be available for download. They even have a facebook page and encourage you to suggest or let them know of games that you want to see on the collection. In addition to that, Sega plans to make available games that previously weren’t sold in the West, which is great! Current offerings include: the original Sonic the Hedgehog (of course), Kid Chameleon, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Phantasy Star 2.

I should also point out that Sega Forever is not an app actually. As I mentioned earlier, it is actually the name of the game collection that Sega has made available on the Android and Apple App Stores. The good news is though, that if you search Sega Forever in the store, you will be led to the games in the Sega Forever collection. Just check the description for the words: ‘Sega Forever’, and you’re on track.

Inquistr notes that the only way Sega is going to make any money at all off these ventures will be through ads that will play just before you start a game. You know, those annoying 30 second pop-up ads that sort of surprise you? And now you will roll your eyes and go: ‘Oh. Those.’

There is some good news however. If you want to support these classic games from Sega and not see those ads, you can pay some money for each game to remove the ads. There is also talk of a subscription service in the works but no news on that front currently. Here’s hoping they’ll offer something a bit more than just removing the ads.

So, against the background of Nintendo’s Classic mini console, Sega Forever seems a bit like a no brainer…. Here’s why. The microscopic Nintendo Classic is being sold for about USD 60, comes with 30 games and 2 controllers with very short cables. Sega’s other offering is the equally small mini Mega Drive that is somewhat cheaper, at USD 65 last checked, and it comes with 80 games and the ability to port in new games. In comparison, Sega Forever is almost technically free… well, virtually free if you don’t mind the ads and there is 4 console generations’ worth of games to choose from, eventually. So, if you’re worried about your budget thanks to the Steam Summer Sales but are a virtuoso of Sega classics, then Sega Forever is definitely for you. The best bit is that you can bring it along with you wherever you go and once you download the games, you can play wherever you are. Sega Forever indeed!

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