Sega Announces Idola Phantasy Star Saga For Android And iOS

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 24, 2018

The countdown for a mysterious Phantasy Star mobile game is now over and Sega has delivered their promise. The official website revealed a brand new RPG in the 30-year-old series, Idola Phantasy Star Saga. You can watch the full reveal trailer below:

Idola Phantasy Star Saga tells a story that takes place in Vandoll. As war seems to be rampant in that land ruled by swords and magic, the people spend each day of their lives fighting for survival against “Idola” monsters. However, the people see this as a tell-tale sign of the emergence for the main antagonist in the previous games, God of Destruction known as “Dark Farce”.

Yuri and Stella
Yuri and Stella

There are two key characters in the mobile game: Stella and Yuri. Stella is the heroine of the game who leads the Aries Knights, an armed regiment that fights the Idola. She’s a timid person in nature but when she wears her mask, she becomes more confident. The other hero, Yuri, is an orphan who was raised by his father’s old friend. After her encounter with Stella, he joins the Aries Knight as a captain of the flying division.

Fans who have missed the RPG gameplay from the older Phantasy Star series will be pleased to see the series will be rooting back to its turn-based RPG style, albeit Sega stated they will be working out a new combat system that will be unique to the mobile game. Another new feature is that playable characters will have to choose two sides between Law and Chaos, which will affect their functions during battle.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the veteran developers behind previous Phantasy Star games are returning back to develop the mobile game such as Phantasy Star Online 2 director Tomomasa Chin, producer Shuntaro Tanaka and art director Sho Mutsura. The mobile pre-registration is currently open in Japan only. Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be launched on mobile devices later this year. So far, there is no word for a game localisation or international release to other countries.

While waiting for the international launch date, other famous JRPG, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2 has now been made available in mobile devices. Are you excited for this new mobile game for Phantasy Star series? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more gaming content.

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