Season pass exclusion from Star Wars: Battlefront II is NOT confirmed, EA vows “to share about their plans soon”

By Kin Boon on Apr 17, 2017

Last weekend turned out to be a huge occasion for Star Wars fans and gamers alike, as EA officially revealed Star Wars: Battlefront II in a hype-inducing trailer. As more and more details came up about the sequel to 2015’s Battlefront, one particular info caught our attention, which is the exclusion of a season pass. This was told by an EA DICE developer, but EA has since dismissed the claim until further notice.

The first Battlefront was known for its stunning graphics and audio, yet it failed to deliver in terms of depth and content, which was partly due to the DLC format employed by EA that polarized premium and non-premium players. This is why the exclusion of a season pass got fans really excited for what’s to come. “We don’t have a season pass,” said Bernd Dierner, the creative director of Battlefront II. "The community is falling apart because there are simply not many people playing the different modes. So we definitely want to avoid that. We don't want to segment our community."

Now if only Dierner has the final say on the matter. Licensing a huge franchise such as Star Wars is anything but cheap, and publishers will most likely have to rely on premium DLCs or microtransactions to gain extra profit beyond the $60 base-game price tag. Unsurprisingly, EA reached out to Mashable with an official statement, requesting them “to withhold the confirmation that there won't be a Season Pass for Battlefront 2."

While we're not ready to confirm any live service plans just yet, what we can say is this we heard the feedback from our Battlefront community loud and clear. We know they want more depth, more progression, and more content. So we're focused on delivering that in every dimension of Star Wars Battlefront 2. We'll have more to share about our plans soon.

Well, this will be a huge buzzkill if EA employs the same DLC format for Battlefront II, but they clearly hinted that player feedback will be taken into account so they should know better. Either way, it’s very likely that we’ll get some form of premium expansions, which Dierner commented that they "have something different in mind that will allow you to play longer, be [more] invested in the game without having a fragmented community". We can only hope that it’ll be a more inclusive experience as opposed to polarizing premium and non-premium players. Star Wars: Battlefront II is launching on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Polygon

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