Season 4 is Here for WWE SuperCard

By Dale Bashir on Nov 2, 2017

WWE's mobile card collecting game by 2K has announced the commencement of their 4th season and coming with it is a whole slew of new content for the game, including new wrestlers to the roster, with this season putting a focus on new female wrestlers.

Among the many additions include:

  • Unified PvP Leagues and the Elimination Chamber Game Mode:  The Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay loop has been overhauled to provide a more efficient and rewarding experience for players. To start, players will now earn Competitive Points (CP) for every match won and will receive larger amounts at the end of the League based on their overall performances. The new PVP system will contain three game modes: War (formerly Ranked Mode), Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber;
  • New Card Tiers: Season 4 will introduce three new tiers, with over 250 new cards: Beast, Monster, and Titan;
  • King of the Ring 2.0: King of the Ring will now start with 32 players in total, with the players split evenly into four groups of eight. Players will need to battle through their groups to earn rewards;
  • Additional Features and Improvements: Season 4 includes an art refresh, focused on new User Interface, in-game animations for Money in the Bank and Support Cards and brand new environments reflecting WWE’s flagship programs – RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT, leading to a more streamlined look and feel for the game.

With more than 15 million downloads to date, fans are definitely going to enjoy all that WWE SuperCard has to offer.

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