Say Goodbye to Marvel Heroes

By Dale Bashir on Nov 16, 2017

Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMO Diablo-like RPG, has gone through multiple iterations, with multiple renamings and finally settling on the name Marvel Heroes Omega. The game has gone through a tumultuous release and is now finally shutting down as Disney pulls the curtain on their relationship with the developers of the game, Gazillion Entertainment.

The news was announced first on Kotaku, with a representative from Marvel providing the official statement over the cancellation of the game. In the email, the representative also thanks all the fans who have supported the game since its launch and will provide any updates on the matter.

The game had been experiencing all kinds of problems since its inception, with the past month really showing that progress on the game has been halted, with the developers being silent on their social media outlets, missing their weekly updates to the community, and even Thor: Ragnarok related content not appearing in the game.

Early this year, the game even removed any content related to the Fantastic Four, rumor has it that Marvel under Disney is trying to erase any representations of the characters of the Fantastic Four due to them being owned by 20th Century Fox. The biggest blow came in 2016, when the creator of Marvel Heroes, David Brevik, leaving Gazillion Entertainment to go indie and work on his own titles.

All these shortcomings seemed to indicate that the game has been in rough waters for quite some time, culminating in the announcement of its cancellation. Long-time players can still play the game now on PC, PS4 and XBox One as the date of the cancellation has not been specified at the time of this writing.

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