Samsung Galaxy redeemed themselves by dethroning the reigning world champion, SKT T1 in a clean sweep at the League of Legends World Championship 2017

By Kurtis Chan on Nov 5, 2017

After losing to three-time League of Legends World Champions, SKT T1 in a finals that went into silver scrapes, Samsung Galaxy got the opportunity to take their revenge in the first ever rematch in a Worlds final match against SKT T1, and they did it in a dominating fashion by dethroning the reigning champions in a 3-0 clean sweep.

Similar to every year, SKT T1 are the favorites to win it all. But recent performances speak otherwise as the majority of the team’s victory was obtained in a very close series. Samsung Galaxy, however, was very shaky at the beginning of the tournament but they kept on improving as they progress, and ultimately it was enough to upset the giants.

During Game 1 of the series, it was almost a perfect game for Samsung Galaxy as they have only lost a tower and the game ended with 7 kills and 0 death for Samsung Galaxy. SKT was trying to win the early game with their team composition but Samsung Galaxy played a slow and methodical game by playing the map and objectives instead of taking on any team fights. Even though SKT's Peanut managed to steal Baron, Samsung Galaxy managed to kill off 4 SKT members and render the buff useless. With the help of 3 Mountain Drake stacks, Samsung Galaxy went on and take the game with ease.

SKT T1 was in the lead at the beginning of Game 2 after a couple of well-timed ganks by Peanut with Gragas. However, everything went to Samsung Galaxy's favor after a perfectly executed team fight thanks to CuVee's Gnar. From then on, Samsung secured the objectives and ended the game.

In the brink of losing their throne, SKT T1 came out stomping and got a rather large lead until the mid-game. Samsung Galaxy was losing the game until a few smart picks onto the carries of SKT T1 and winning several team fights. After securing Baron, they started pushing through mid lane with Baron buff and the Nexus was left exposed. Unfortunately, they have to leave it as everyone was low on health. SKT T1 managed to get a 5 stack Elder Dragon buff but it wasn't enough for them as Samsung Galaxy once again proved themselves to be the better team-fighting team, and in the end, crowning themselves as the League of Legends World Champion.

As an extra reward from Riot for winning the World Championship, Samsung Galaxy will also receive custom team skins for all of their players. Let's wait and see which champions will be getting new Samsung Galaxy skins soon. Congratulations to Samsung Galaxy once again!

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