Rumour: Pokemon Switch Will Reveal Generation Eight

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 17, 2018

Image source: NintendoSoup
Image source: NintendoSoup

Since the announcement of a new Pokemon game is definitely in the works for Nintendo Switch during E3 2017 Nintendo conference, rumours and theories have been brewing up in various Pokemon websites as well as fervour discussion among fans in social media platforms.

Previously, fans thought that Pokemon on Switch will be an upgraded version of Ultra Sun and Moon. Instead, the rumours have confirmed that there will be a new generation of Pokemon coming in the series.

The official Spanish Nintendo Magazine unveils a new eighth generation along with new mechanics are going to be the part of Pokemon Switch as posted by a Twitter user Raqueruu.

According to the magazine excerpt, the launch window for Pokemon Switch will be scheduled to arrive in 2018 or later.

Despite it coming from an official Nintendo Magazine, this magazine has shared some wrong information with regards to Pokemon releases in the past.

Until there are further announcement to be made by Nintendo, Game Freak or the Pokemon company, we advise readers to err on the side of caution for this news.

After last year’s Ultra Sun and Moon, Pokemon fans are eager for the upcoming Pokemon to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Even we are excited to embrace the new Pokemon Switch so we created a wishlist, hoping that our wishes will come alive in the next game.

With all these rumours on Pokemon that are popping up from every corner, how about we go deep undercover with Detective Pikachu? Read our review on Detective Pikachu here.

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