Rumor: Steam Summer Sale starts at the end of June, lasts for 2 weeks

By Kin Boon on May 15, 2017

Image credit: YouTube
Image credit: YouTube

The middle of the year might seem like a normal period for gamers, but it’s exciting times for PC users with the return of the annual Steam Summer Sale. We don’t have any official details yet about the sale, but according to the latest rumor, it is slated to begin on June 22 at 0950 PT (June 23, 0050 GMT+8).

This teasing piece of information came from Steam’s Reddit page, where an alleged screenshot from a developer-only post has been shared. Bear in mind that it’s easy to fake a Steam post so this rumor might be misleading, but last year’s major Steam sales have leaked countless of times. It’s almost a tradition to have video game release-like rumors surrounding the sales, which explains their immense popularity in attracting PC gamers to bleed their wallets dry. With that said, the rumored timeline fits pretty well with the usual timing of the Steam Summer Sale.

If June 22 is indeed the starting date for the sale, it’ll last for 2 weeks and end on July 5 at 1005 PT (July 6, 0105 GMT+8). At the meantime, you have more than a month to save up before madness decent on Steam’s store as we snap up anything with a single digit price tag.

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