Rumor: Samsung X Nintendo? Samsung’s New Gaming Phone Crosses Over With Nintendo

By Dale Bashir on Jul 27, 2018

Korean tech giant Samsung is on a roll with their line of smartphones, with the S9+ being an excellent gaming smartphone. It seems they are aiming to go even further into the gaming aspect of smartphones if these rumours are to be believed. Based on several sources, Samsung’s new gaming smartphone will be co-developed with Nintendo.

The name Samsung Galaxy X has been passed around on the web as Samsung’s next phone in their Galaxy series, tentatively to be released sometime in 2019. It’ll have all the bells and whistles that a next-gen smartphone should have, along with an emphasis on gaming. With gaming on smartphones being at an all-time high, such as Fortnite being a huge success and even Arena of Valor finishing up their first ever World Cup, it is definitely a perfect time for a gaming-focused phone by Samsung.

And who better to partner up with Samsung than the granddaddy of gaming, Nintendo. They’ve slowly been releasing some of their top IPs onto smartphones, with Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem all having mobile iterations for Android and IOS. There’s a rumoured Mario Kart for mobile coming out soon, so maybe this new Galaxy X will be the perfect platform for it.

The rumour doesn’t stop there though, there’s also talk of another new Galaxy phone, the Galaxy F. With the F in the name short for either “future” or “foldable”. The foldable aspect is interesting as there are reports of it being not just a foldable phone, but the way it folds is very familiar to Nintendo fans. Rumour has it that the Galaxy F will have a clamshell design, like the DS and 3DS. Maybe with the era of the 3DS coming to an end and the Switch is a handheld console all on its own, this might just be Nintendo’s way of continuing the 3DS line of systems alive, maybe even porting it to this new smartphone.

One last info comes with one of the biggest games not hitting Android yet, Fortnite. Though Tencent Games has teased the game coming to Android in China soon, it still hasn’t been confirmed internationally yet. Sources are saying that Fortnite will have a 30 day exclusivity period on Samsung phones first, specifically the Galaxy Note 9, with people pre-ordering the phone having extra in-game currency when they boot up Fortnite. If Samsung is planning an exclusivity deal with Epic, who knows what they’re dealing with Nintendo.

Overall, all of this info is pure speculation and can be taken with a grain of salt. But if it does come true, then Nintendo and Samsung would be changing the gaming landscape together. Maybe it will lead to a Sony or Microsoft gaming phone? All we can do now is to wait and see.

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