Rumor: Japanese company that sounds an awful lot like Square Enix is hiring devs to work on its “Super-Famous RPG Series”

By Kin Boon on May 23, 2017

Image credit: KiKOU Japan
Image credit: KiKOU Japan

Longtime JRPG franchise Final Fantasy is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and while we have FF XII: The Zodiac Age and FF VII Remake to look forward to, one has to wonder whether Square Enix is planning for more main numbered releases down the road. And according to latest rumors, a new Final Fantasy title might be on the cards.

The speculation started when an anonymous Japanese company posted a recruitment page for a 2D artist on ECareerFA. The new employee is expected to contribute his or her talents to a certain “certain RPG's numbered title”, with an emphasis on creating towns, fields, and weapons. Not much is said about the title, besides the fact it’s currently early in production.

The job posting itself doesn’t reveal much about the game and the prospective employers, but if you look close at the company’s description, it points to Square Enix. Firstly, they are self-credited for making “huge RPGs” and online games, and its products are described as “high-quality games with unique worldviews” that lead to “a large number of million-sellers”. The company also has business within Square Enix-owned Taito Station arcades, and the location of its headquarters perfectly matches that of the Japanese gaming giant.

And if the job description is to be taken word for word, Square might be working on Final Fantasy XVI. The timing might seem too soon as it’s not even a year since XV was released, but it shouldn’t be a big surprise either, considering Square was banking on the success of XV to determine the future of the series, and its sales figure suggests there is more to come. Let’s hope we won’t need to wait another ten years and the release of a new generation of consoles before FF XVI arrives. And of course, do take this piece of information with a grain of salt since it's unverified as of now. 

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