Rumor: Analyst predicts new PlayStation launch by the end of 2018, but it's very unlikely to happen

By Kin Boon on May 3, 2017

Image credit: Engadget
Image credit: Engadget

It’s barely half a year since PlayStation 4 Pro was launched in November last year, but we are now hearing rumors about a new Sony flagship console release, possibly by the end of 2018. This came from acclaimed Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, who correctly predicted PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

According to Wall Street Journal’s report on Sony’s recent financial earnings, Thong predicts that the PlayStation 5 will be released by the end of next year. This will undoubtedly generate a lot of interest ahead of the Japanese gaming giant’s E3 2017 conference, if we can even take this rumor at face value.

Despite Thong’s proven track record on his past prediction, it seems unlikely that Sony will usher a new generation of consoles two years after the launch of PS4 Pro. On a business perspective, it’ll alienate their customers for releasing new consoles like they are phone models, considering Sony told their biggest fans that the PS4 Pro is the future and the best way to play PlayStation games going forward.

On top of that, they are also currently dominating the console market, with sales numbers peaked past 60 million units, while the Xbox One is estimated to have sold only half of that. Even if we take Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio into consideration, the system’s hardware power shouldn’t affect the dynamics too much to put Sony in the backseat, especially when we are getting quality PS4 exclusives like The Last of Us Part II and the God of War reboot.

So as much as it sounds enticing to have a new PlayStation, Sony’s current dominance over its competitors suggests otherwise, and I’m sure most of their fans are still content with the offerings of PS4 and upcoming exclusive releases.

Source: Forbes

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