Rumor: Fortnite Is Coming To Android But Probably Not On Google Play Store

By Intan Mawarni on Aug 1, 2018

The highly popular free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite has launched in every possible platform except for Android smartphones. According to Epic Games’ official blog post, Fortnite is coming to the Android during the summer months but so far, release date is yet to be confirmed.

In light of Fortnite’s arrival on Android, we discovered that the mobile game may not be available to download on Google Play Store, which is the main digital distribution for Android apps. According to xdadevelopers, they noticed hidden lines within the source of Fortnite Mobile page revealing the instructions on how to download and install the game on Android phones.

The lines further translated through screenshots by Reddit user u/thesbros. The screenshots above showed the image displays from Epic Games’ website detailing the setup of the game for Android smartphones. The first image prompted the user to download Fortnite Mobile on a web browser. Then the second image showed after they downloaded the game, the users were asked for “some security permissions” and the description also stated that the permissions are necessary to download any app outside of the Play Store.

This suggests that Fortnite on Android will not redirect users to install the game on Google Play Store but will be sourced directly through Epic Games’ site. This process is entirely different from the iOS version where Fortnite is available to download on the flagship App Store. With all things considered, why is it that Fortnite on Android won’t follow the same fashion as the iOS version?

The mobile site xdadevelopers corroborated that this might have something to do with money. Despite Fortnite being launched only on iOS, Epic Games earned a staggering USD$1.2 million (RM4.85 million) from in-game purchases per day and the number has added up to a total revenue of USD$150 million (RM606 million) since the game was released on April this year based on the figures from SensorTower.

However, 30% of the total mobile revenue has to be shared with Apple in accordance with the App Store’s rules. Since the Apple devices doesn’t allow any app installation outside of App Store, so the developer has no choice but to submit the game in the App Store.

Contrary to the Apple platform, Android enables apps installation outside from unknown sources. Given the fact that Fortnite is tremendously popular enough to stand among the sea of other games, Epic Games’ decision on not putting the game on Google Play Store gives a leeway to have a full control on the Android earnings. In other words, they are not subjected to give 30% sales price cut to Google if they are offering the mobile game on Google Play Store.

As far as the rumor goes, Fortnite on Android may arrive exclusively on Samsung phones specifically Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which explains the delay since the phone will be publicly announced soon on 9 August. Along with the game’s exclusivity for 30 days, users of the said phone will receive an additional V-bucks that is used to purchase the skins and dances in the game.

To date, we’re still waiting for official information from Epic Games regarding the official release date on Android or further details on the timed exclusive Fortnite with Samsung phones.

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