Roadhog's Hook can create a replica of D.Va's Mech in Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 25, 2017

Bugs, the one thing that cannot be fully be eliminated from Overwatch. Some of the bugs in the game can impact gameplays while some appear to be entertaining. This new bug is between the two categories and it revolves around Roadhog's Hook and D.Va's Mech, specifically when she uses Call Mech, where Roadhog is able to create an extra copy of D.Va mech.

Reddit user, xHyper005 posted this clip in the Overwatch subreddit where he was playing as Roadhog in Numbani, trying to stop the enemy from capturing the first point. As seen in the clip above, the enemy D.Va activates self-destruct with her mech but did not manage to kill anyone. When D.Va used Call Mech after her first mech explodes, Roadhog tries his best to hook her before she can get into her mech but fails to do so. However, his hook attempt did achieve something weird, something that is not supposed to happen in game, which is creating a replica of D.Va's mech.

That D.Va mech replica does not disappear from the game and it started acting like an actual enemy attacking the other team. The duplicate D.Va mech caused a lot of confusion to the defending team as xHyper005 focused his Whole Hog on that mech instead of the real one.

This bug does not break the game as badly as others that happened in the past, nonetheless, it is still a bug. No one knows how did it happen and how to recreated this event, just hope that it will not happen during your competitive matches.


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