Riot's "Chronobreak" is a revolutionary tool for League of Legends e-Sports

By Kurtis Chan on Feb 16, 2017

Riot recently introduced a brand new tool that will potentially revolutionize League of Legends e-sports called the "Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool" or what the community is already calling it the "Chronobreak", referring to Ekko's ultimate that has the ability to turn back time. "Chronobreak" was first used during a NA LCS hyped-up match between Cloud 9 and Fly Quest due to a bug on Miss Fortune's ultimate, Bullet Time.

During the third game of a Best of 3, the bot lane duo of Fly Quest, LemonNation and Altec worked together in an attempt to assassinate C9's support Smoothie. When Altec fired Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, a bug occurred where the ultimate which should have rapidly fired from Miss Fortune’s guns were invisible, and it seems like a minion sacrificed itself by blocking all of the bullets. Take a look at the clip below.

Instead of having to completely remake the game, Riot decided to utilized "Chronobreak" to restart the game at a point before the bug occurred, with all of the game’s conditions intact, and Fly Quest was able to kill off Smoothie with the same combo after that. The Head Referee, Riotraves took to Reddit to explain how the decision was made in terms of at which point the game will restart at. "I was trying to find a time close enough where people were not engaged. A few seconds earlier than the time chosen had the laners engaged while a few seconds later had them much closer with less to no opportunity for possible counterplay out of a pause. The point we chose had the lane at an almost reset position. We want to place them in the fairest point that gives them the opportunity to still respond outside of the pause, but we dont want to go so far as to lose significant elements of the game state," Riotraves stated.

The "Chronobreak" was shipped in January 2017 for the LCS as confirmed by RiotBrentmeister, who also explained how the tool works on Reddit. " In order for this tool to work we needed to make sure that we capture 100% of inputs for the game and when we play them back the server executes in the EXACT same way every time. Replays are client-side which is a bit different because the client just visualizes what it gets from the replay file. With DDR (Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool a.k.a Chronobreak) we have to get 100% of the server state recorded just right," RiotBrentmeister wrote. "To do this we rewrote the in-game clocks, random number generators and more to do this. The biggest factor that helped this was the tireless efforts of all teams at Riot to make the code more sustainable and predictable."

Bugs will always be present in any game from time to time, no matter old or new. Aurelion Sol's passive had a major bug last year in the NA LCS as well as Worlds 2016where his passive will appear randomly at other places of the map. The game between TSM and CLG in the NA LCS was forced to be remade due to Aurelion Sol's bug in which CLG already had the advantage over TSM in game.

With the creation of "Chronobreak", it will definitely impact the League competitive scene as the previous full remakes can destroy a team's momentum and morale. Thee tool will also aid in preserving the honor and integrity of League of Legends as an e-sport.

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