Riot teases a brand new Dark Star game mode and 2 new Dark Star skins for Kha'Zix and Orianna

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 19, 2017

Get ready to submit to infinity as new corruptants are born in League of Legends. Riot Games recently uploaded teasers for a new Dark Star game mode and 2 skins, Dark Star Kha'Zix and Dark Star Orianna.

Dark Star Kha'Zix

"Endless hunger."

The vast reaches of space are Dark Star Kha'Zix's jungle. How many devoured planets will it take to sate his hunger?

The Darkest Details

  • All-new model and textures (Terror has evolved.)
  • All-new VFX (Slashing and leaping with the force of a collapsing galaxy.)
  • All-new SFX (The usual chilling space-bug sounds.)
  • All-new animations (The predator slashes open a wormhole to hunt new prey.)

Dark Star Orianna

"So strange, they scream."

Carefully examining and disassembling any planets she comes across is all part of Dark Star Orianna's haunting performance. The galaxies are her stage, and we are the unfortunate actors in her final scene.

The Darkest Details

  • All-new model and textures (A galaxy swirls around the ominous ballerina.)
  • All-new VFX (The black hole within her ball harnesses the power of a supernova.)
  • All-new SFX (A symphony of space and screams.)
  • All-new animations (Dark Star Orianna gracefully selects which planet has reached its finale.)

Dark Star Game Mode

The new Dark Star game mode allows every player to play as Dark Star Thresh even though if you do not own the champion or the skin where you will have to hook and flay the enemy Threshs into the Dark Star in the all new Cosmic Ruins map. According to Surrender@20, here is an overview of how to game mode works:


  • Pull or Push enemies into the Dark Star
  • Lower health targets fly much further
  • Abilities and Items are different - details in tooltips


  • "Stellar Spirit - You are traveling through the cosmos - invulnerable and fast, but unable to cast spells. Stepping onto stable ground will remove this effect.
    • Source: The Unfaltering Power of the Dark Star"

The Dark Star game mode is set to be available soon in League of Legends PBE 7.9 cycle for testing, whereas both Dark Star Kha'Zix and Dark Star Orianna are currently available for purchase in the store.


Source: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread- Dark Star Kha'Zix, Dark Star Orianna

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