Riot released Mid-Season Invitational 2017 trailer and the teams that are participating in the tournament

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 25, 2017

The annual League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational will commence this weekend, April 28th with the all new play-in phase. This is the first time where all 13 regions will be participating in an international League of Legends tournament, represented by the regions' respective Spring Split champions. Few days before the event takes place, Riot Games released a trailer for MSI 2017 to amp up the hype that leads to Brazil.

MSI 2017 Teams

  • LCK (Korea)- SKT T1
  • EU LCS (Europe)- G2 Esports
  • NA LCS (North America)- Team Solomid
  • LPL (China)- TBD (LPL Spring Finals on April 29)
  • LMS (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau)- Flash Wolves
  • CBLOL (Brazil)- Red Canids
  • TCL (Turkey)- SuperMassive eSports
  • GPL (Southeast Asia)- Marines Esports
  • LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States)- Virtus Pro
  • CLS (Latin America South)- Isurus Gaming
  • LJL (Japan)- Rampage
  • LLN (Latin America North)- Lyon Gaming
  • OPL (Oceania)- Dire Wolves

Teams that earned their spot in MSI 2017 will partake across multiple stages of the tournament. LCK's SKT T1, LPL's to be crowned Spring champion and EU LCS' G2 Esports will directly qualify into group stage due to their outstanding display in the past two years, whereas all other teams will have to fight for a spot in the group stage through the play-in phase. Only 3 teams will qualify and complete the 6 team group stage, and only 4 teams will move on to the knockout stage.

Tournament Details

To refresh your memory, here are the formats that will be utilized throughout the multiple stages of MSI 2017:

Group stage

  • Double round robin
  • Top 4 teams will advance to knockout stage

Knockout stage

  • Best of five, single elimination
  • No 3rd place match
  • Teams advanced to knockout stage will earn one of four top seeds for their region in Worlds 2017

Venue and Schedule

  • Play-In Stage: April 28-May 1, May 3-4, and May 6 at the CBLOL Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Group Stage: May 10-14 at the Jeunesse Arena (formerly Rio Arena) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Knockout Stage: May 19-21 at the Jeunesse Arena (formerly Rio Arena) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Catch all the MSI 2017 action on the Rift through the live broadcast on Lolesports, and it begins at 11.00 AM PT (2AM SGT) each day. So who will you be cheering for? Your own region or your favorite team? Click here for the full schedule of the play-in phase of MSI 2017.


Source: Lolesports

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