Riot hints at the arrival of Galio's major rework

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 6, 2017

Riot Games confirmed that a Galio rework is underway few months back and it seems that he will be making a return to League of Legends bigger, better and stronger according to the teaser dropped by Riot.

Galio's current kit is rather dull and no offense, boring to use. His Q and E are skillshots, where one has the ability to damage and slow enemy champions, and the other also damages the enemy but it leaves behind a directional draft for 5 seconds which grants allies bonus movement speed when they pass through it. His W grants the target allied champion or himself bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for 4 seconds, and heals himself every time the recipient target takes damage. As for his ultimate, he can taunt enemies in a specific area around him and deal damage to them. All of this abilities are good when playing in ARAM where team fights always happen, but in normal or ranked games, not so much.

According to Galio's lore, he is a giant stone gargoyle destined to protect the proud nation of Demacia and that's all to it. There are no explainations of how he came about and how does his abilities linked to him, I don't recall seeing gargoyles able to blow gusts of wind out of their mouths. And lastly, he doesn't even look like a stone gargoyle, but a bat that has gone through some weird evolution.

Galio is the latest champion to receive a major rework following the footsteps of Poppy, Yorick and Warwick, where the League of Legends team's aim for him is to redesign him from ground up in terms of his character model and abilities. Riot did not release much information regarding Galio's rework but we can be very very hyped and safely expect that the update is going to be huge as posted by Reav3 in League of Legends State of Champion Update. "Currently Galio has a lot of problems. His theme, gameplay, and art hasn’t aged very well at all. This gives us a pretty wide canvas to paint on and Galio will likely be our largest transformation to date," Reav3 stated.

There's more good news to Galio mains out there or for players who owns the Gatekeeper Galio legendary skin. The team will also be changing Gatekeeper Galio to befit its legendary status. "As we put the finishing touches on Base Galio, we are starting to ramp up on his Legendary skin, Gatekeeper Galio! Expect big things," Reav3 posted in the League of Legends Nexus.

Galio is one of the few champions in the game that is underplayed and underpowered. Hopefully this major rework to him will be as successful as Warwick's and bring him back to Summoners Rift.

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