Rez Infinite Makes Its Mark on the PC platform

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 10, 2017

Console gamers might probably have heard or even played this game back in the early 00's. Which game are we referring to? Why it's the crazy colorful rail shooter game called Rez Infinite. The game was inspired by works of a Russian painter named Wassily Kandinsky and was released on consoles on 2001/2002.

The PlayStation 4 saw a VR version made last year with its gameplay being one of the early few demos used for VR gameplay and today, they have announced the release of Rez Infinite for the PC and it will be available on Steam, additionally, it does not have VR support. If you want to take a glimpse at what the game looks like, we have the trailer for you below:



"We are extremely excited to finally bring Rez/Rez Infinite to PC.  It was a long time coming but now we have the best version yet," says Enhance  Games founder and Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi in a statement. "With 4K support, up to double the texture quality, advanced graphic options as well as multiple controller options, we hope to introduce our game to a new audience who’ve never played Rez before and those who haven’t picked it up in a while. It can also finally be experienced in VR with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive."  

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