Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Shows You the Medieval Life For Reals

By Jasmin on Feb 26, 2018

It has been a long time since I’ve played such a story-rich RPG and Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a happy surprise. It’s a fairly historically accurate medieval-action RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire. Long before the days of electricity and technology. You play as young lad Henry (or Hal though I have no idea how those two names are related) in an open-world 15th century Bohemia. It is a story of revenge, war, love and so much more.

In a nutshell, I would say that it’s like Skyrim but more realistic. Yes the graphics are pretty good, but that’s not what I mean. Its like Skyrim but no magic, no potions, no dragons... You go to sleep to rest and rejuvenate, your clothes get dirty and you have to change them, you get hungry so you eat food to regain energy, you break your bones if you jump from too high a place and you bleed if you get stabbed… And you keep bleeding until you bandage yourself up. All foodstuff have lifespans, so no matter where you keep that apple it will rot in 2 days. So far, it looks like dried mushrooms are the only invicible foodstuffs. Also, people are solids so you can’t just walk through them and they really don’t like it when you bump into them. No matter how much of a rush you were in or even if it was an accident.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is über pretty though I’m still waiting to see a proper sunset/sunrise to make my absolute decision. I do love the detailed rain, smouldering wood, pretty greens and blues. The night sky full of visible stars is a happy sight for me. Character designs are pretty great too. People are well emoted and you know when people don’t like you. I also love how everyone in Bohemia speaks British and the occasional American accents except for that one guy at the start named Deutsch who is the only one who speaks in a name-appropriate German accent. Das war wundebar!

The fight system takes some getting used to, its definitely not a button-mashing system and I'm greatful for that. However, there are lots of tricks you'll need to learn before you can call yourself a swordmaster. Lots of ways to block, parry, slash and evade. The archery system however... Takes a lot more patience. There is absolutely no guiding system, no crosshairs to tell you where you're pointing. I love archery IRL and the lack of crosshair pushed me to the point of feeling like actually have to aim with my eyes. So yes, I did at one point stare at the screen with my head tilted and one eye closed. Don't judge me!


For the first 7 hours of my playthrough, I thought the storyline had been pretty good so far. Starts off with you playing Henry (Hal??) just living a happy life in his peaceful little village, Skalitz, with his mum and blacksmith dad and girlfriend and mates. And then, everything changed when the Fire Nation Cumans attacked. *cough* Everyone you know and loved dies in seconds and the only choice you have is either to follow their fate or run away and warn the neighbouring village. And then, your adventure begins...

I haven’t personally finished the game but there’s a solid reason why... Watch me stream it every Wednesday 5PM (GMT+8) onwards on Twitch! (Time subject to change, I'm still figuring out what the best time to stream is, so follow our Facebook for more accurate updates) I'm honestly quite excited to keep going, I love games like this so I hope you'll join me.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now available to play on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. On Steam, it is currently priced at RM105. We bought a copy on Steam on our own dime.

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