Review: Cat Bird is possibly the most painfully adorable mobile game ever

By Jasmin on Mar 27, 2018

I saw this game pop up on my App Store one day and thought nothing more than “Aww, that’s cute”. A few days later, I’m back on the Store and it was still on my recommended apps, so I decided to check out the game trailer.

I get to play as a kitty that can fly in a platformer? They got me at flying kitty. So I pressed the install button. And it was probably the best mistake I’ve ever made.

While you don’t actually fly as Cat Bird (it’s more like hovering, really), that wasn’t cause for disappointment though, it’s still a good game. Just off the bat: this pixelated game is beautifully designed, Cat Bird is adorable and I absolutely love the chip-tunes. Top to toe this game is well-made and it deserves recognition.

The game play basically is one trotting along different levels facing an uncomfortable number of different kinds of spiky things (stationary spikes, falling spikes, moving blocks of spikes, chainsaw-like moving spikes, spiky creatures…), hover past what looks to me like an ocean of milk and collect crowns (though it’s not necessary to). Occasionally, you have to find a key (or two) or solve simple puzzles to be able to progress to the next level. There’s also the occasional boss.

One thing that really bugs me is the number of adverts that will pop up at random, sometimes they pop up after every death. I easily remedied this during my playthrough by turning on airplane-mode. Yes, I can survive without being connected to the Internet for longer than ten minutes. Or you can pay RM7.90 to get rid of the adverts, which honestly I recommend doing because the developer needs to be given some love. And yes, I did do just that. Gotta practice what you preach.

I’m currently about a third-way through the second world (there are currently 4 worlds), and I must say that this game really makes you use your brain, which makes me love the game even more. Especially as the levels get more and more complex, therefore more challenging. I’ve come to realise that this not a game where one mindlessly taps their way to victory. There is a quite a bit of paying attention that’s needed, jumps and hovers that need to be timed well and many, many, many frustrated squeals. That last one might just be me though. Cat Bird is too adorable to keep dying like that.


Cat Bird is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Screenshots were all taken by the writer.

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