Review: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is The Wonky Battle Royale Parody You Should Play

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 7, 2018

Are you ready for more battle royale games? Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) gives you everything you love about battle royale: a big island, unlimited guns, blood-pumping tension to survive... but not in the way you’re expecting it to be.

Developed and published by Landfalls, this is not their first foray on parody game. The studio is notably known for Clustertruck, a ploy of the-floor-is-lava with trucks jumping on top of another. In 2016, they made Supertruck, which was a hilarious combination of Clustertruck and time-bending shooter Superhot. During 2017’s April Fools, Landfalls developed Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ), which was a spoof of zombie survival games. You can get it for free on Steam if you redeem the game key.

Now they’ve brought their talents into the world of battle royale. TABG pokes fun in the battle royale genre, and was originally intended as this year’s April Fools joke while the studio is developing their upcoming parody game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. I was curious to see how TABG accurately upholds the silliness they meant to deliver in the battle royale genre so I downloaded the game. But for now it’s way too buggy.

I was ready to go into the firing action but after being stuck in the game’s menu for 7 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. This is understandable since the game was just released yesterday with a side note from the developer saying, “possibly a bit buggy”. There are three servers to choose: US, EU and AS but I can’t get into match through any of the three servers.

Well, imagine my surprise after hours of waiting, I finally get into the match! At first, I was struggling to get out of the box that I was confined to and immediately ran into a house full of cheese to search for weapons. What I got instead was a tube man that looked like Kermit the Frog who lost all controls of its limbs, lunging at me.

I retaliated but there’s another incoming player moving haphazardly towards me so I ran away to a row of houses nearby. Unfortunately, most of the weapons were swept clean so all I got was a shield. After a brisk walk out of the house, I spotted a rifle on the ground but my quest was over as I was shot down by a mysterious sniper.

TABG also features a shooting range to sharpen your shooting skills, so I decided to hop into that mode to see how that is like and if it’s as weird and exciting as the actual game. I spawned into a castle surrounded by an ocean as an embodiment of the tube man in the menu and wandered around the castle equipped with a variety of weapons including a good ol’ trusty pan, a bomb that smack you back, a crossbow, a 1770’s long rifle, and many more. Those dummies didn’t stand a chance with the repeated strikes of my pan attack.

TABG proved to be a subversive and almost ridiculous type of battle royale game to me, which makes sense as it is not intended to be part of a competitive battle royale and it’s not a fully accurate type of battle royale game per se. After all, this game allows your inflatable tube man to beatbox by pressing G! How cool is that?

As problematic as the game is with long hours of matchmaking and low drop of weapons in a match, TABG is currently free right now on Steam and it’s yours forever if you grab the game in 100 hours. If you missed out the chance of acquiring it for free, the developer will charge you USD$4.99 (RM19.84) for the sake of server upkeep.

Clunky But Fun
TABG is the absurd and funny game to unwind yourself from the never-ending competitive battle royale game creations that sprout like mushrooms.
The Good
  • Freak Physics That Will Entertain You
  • A Healthy Dose Of Humour Based On Battle Royale Games
The Bad
  • Buggy
  • Low Drop Rate Of Weapons
  • Long Hours Of Waiting For Matchmaking
Intan Mawarni
About the Author
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