Review: LEGO The Incredibles Botches The Original Story For The Sake Of Family Fun

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 4, 2018

The super family has come out from the hiding to fight the bad guys.
The super family has come out from the hiding to fight the bad guys.

The first LEGO game I played was LEGO Star Wars when I was 11 years old and I enjoyed it thoroughly with my friends and family as it was a joyful couch co-op. Looking at your favourite Star Wars characters converted into LEGO figures, rummaging through LEGO piles and building LEGO creations made me chuckle, but the game propelled the incredible success to a legion of LEGO games, transforming pop culture franchises from The Lord of The Rings films to Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Developed by TT Games, LEGO The Incredibles is their latest entry in the ever-evolving list of LEGO game series for almost 15 years. This also marks the first Disney Pixar crossover in LEGO games, which is quite surprising since both of the LEGO games and Disney Pixar movies are bundled with great family fun adventures. You could say that the game developer took their sweet time waiting as long as we were anticipating for The Incredibles 2 for over a decade.

LEGO The Incredibles is no different from the star game that was released back in 2005. The game reassembles players in the ensemble of LEGO-fied The Incredibles characters and settings in super adventure that combines both of the movies in one game. Strangely, the game actually starts with The Incredibles 2, so beware for those who haven’t watched the 14-year-old sequel in the making, you better watch it in the cinemas first before you play this game.

Honestly, if you decide to rebel and play this game before you watch The Incredibles 2, you will be stuck in certain puzzle solving sections because you don’t know what to do with some characters like Jack-Jack, albeit there is a hint system in the game. The continuity is a bit wonky as the game starts off with the second film, which throws off the greatest reveal from the end of the first movie that Jack-Jack has multitude superpowers ranging from laser eyes that can melt objects to becoming a raging monster that can smash walls.

Players can switch ‘souls’ to other characters to progress in the game.
Players can switch ‘souls’ to other characters to progress in the game.

The story mission does not follow the plot of the two movies to a tee, but some basic plot points are used as a catalyst to serve the narration of the game. Without giving too much away, the game picks up right at the start of The Incredibles 2. While it might not be a faithful retelling of the movies, LEGO The Incredibles spices up the main missions with unlikely cooperations between some characters (hint: Mr Incredibles and his fanboy to foil a robbery attempt) for the sake of co-op gameplay. In fact, the game hacks away most of the death references to the superheroes in the first film and bring back to life in the game. So, don’t be alarmed if Gazerbeam is not left to rot underneath the Syndrome’s island base.

Churning out the same LEGO games formula for the umpteenth time, LEGO The Incredibles still lets you smash everything on sight to fill the studs, collect bricks to build the required LEGO creation to complete the mission, and taking down the bad guys. As we know, the Parr family is jam-packed with super abilities and kudos to the developer for making the superheroes fun and interesting to play in the game. After you have finished the story missions, you can always revisit the level back by playing with other superheroes to access certain parts that you cannot previously go. So, yes, this game has high replayability value.

Elastigirl can stretch and transform into various forms to solve puzzles and collect special bricks.
Elastigirl can stretch and transform into various forms to solve puzzles and collect special bricks.

Mr Incredibles has super strength and can easily bust through solid walls. Elastigirl is known for her flexibility and she is able to transform into various useful shapes. Dash is faster than the speed of light and can crawl into tight spaces. He also joins forces with his sister, Violet, as she can conjure a psionic bubble that acts as an impenetrable shield. She also has invisibility and shoots up psionic blades at the enemies. Each character has a specific skill set to solve simple puzzles within the story levels.

There are well over 100 characters you can discover, including the latest superhero line-up like Voyd and Reflux in the game. Moreover, the character creation is still alive and well in this game. You can create a new superhero based on the parts you have received in the story mode.

Build your own Super LEGO.
Build your own Super LEGO.

One of the interesting aspects in the free play mode is Crime Waves that showcases rampant criminal activities in the area and it is up to your gallantry to eradicate the crime. By completing this mission, players get a chance to build something out of the Disney Pixar movies and unlock a character that can be used in the main campaign and free play modes. Players can take a break from the campaign to venture the open world areas of New Urbem and Munciberg. The big cities are scattered with bountiful side activities to do like rescuing a grandmother’s cat, defusing bombs, putting out fires and race trials to name a few.

Overall, LEGO The Incredibles seems like a game that is made especially for fans of the films. While I know there are too many LEGO games to count, I can see that the developer put an intense labour of love for this game to create an enjoyable gameplay that goes along with the modified stories. If you’re looking for a game that you can relax with your family and friends and become the active participants in the events of the films, LEGO The Incredibles has everything you need.

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LEGO The Incredibles is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We got to play the game on PS4 via a review code courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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