Review: Jurassic World: Alive Is The Dinosaur Edition Of Pokemon Go

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 8, 2018

65 million years ago, the dinosaurs ruled the world. Last week, the dinosaurs have finally fled from Isla Nublar and are now roaming free from the fictional captive island. Developed by Ludia, Jurassic World: Alive takes a new spin on games like Pokemon Go to hunt dinosaurs at your fingertips. The mobile game is also a tie-in for the upcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard this 7 June.

Jurassic World: Alive follows the same recipe like Pokemon Go. Take an AR technology with real-time location using Google Maps, put some dinosaurs on the map, hunt dinosaurs for DNA, splice dinosaurs for epic battle and voila, you’re doing it all for the sake of the Dinosaur Protection Group!

Instead of catching all them Pokemons, you will instead fly a virtual drone up in the air to look for dinosaur specimens to rescue them from a second extinction. Here are some different things that Jurassic World: Alive brings into the location-based AR mobile games that seamlessly blends in reality and digital gaming together.

Going for a walk

The uncanny resemblance of Jurassic World: Alive map to Pokemon Go along with supply drop posed as Pokestop.
The uncanny resemblance of Jurassic World: Alive map to Pokemon Go along with supply drop posed as Pokestop.

Time to lace up your comfy running shoes or run in high heels like Claire in the film Jurassic World. It’s not surprising to see the map of Jurassic World: Alive looks eerily similar to the landscape of Pokemon Go since this game requires you to walk in real life and search for dinosaurs.

Other than huge dinosaurs popping out in every corner, the map is also scattered with supply boxes which mirrors the Pokestop you’ve seen in Pokemon Go. You have to move closer to the supply boxes to get darts, in-game coins and cash. If you’re lucky, you will also get some dino DNA.

Capturing the prehistoric reptiles

With all the supplies you’ve received, you are ready to catch some dinosaurs! Let’s get down to business, shall we? When you spot a dinosaur, simply tap on them and look over the important details before launching the drone. To unlock the common Parasaurolophus and Lythronax, you need to have 100 DNA and 50 DNA respectively for both of them to be included in your collection.

There’s no shortcut to catch a dinosaur.
There’s no shortcut to catch a dinosaur.

The top left on the screen are darts which act like Pokeballs and the top right side shows the drone’s battery. The further your drone goes, the more it uses the battery. So, it’s better to get closer to capture the dinosaur. But if you’re loaded with real money, you could get VIP access for an enhanced drone with higher range and duration to reach dinosaurs away from your location.

Those who play darts regularly must definitely ace this game.
Those who play darts regularly must definitely ace this game.

Once you see a thermal visual from the drone atop of the dinosaur of your choice, this is where you need to put your hand and eye coordination up to the test. To achieve maximum amounts of dino DNA, make sure you shoot the darts accurately within the white dot in the centre of the circle. It takes a bit of practice to get used to the capture mechanics and develop dexterity for precise shooting.

You need to shoot as many as possible before the drone’s battery runs out. Darts are limited but you can easily get them from the supply boxes. Afterwards, you will receive the dinosaur’s DNA to unlock it or to evolve your dinosaurs.

A compendium of dinosaurs

There are so many undiscovered dinosaurs that escaped from Isla Nublar.
There are so many undiscovered dinosaurs that escaped from Isla Nublar.

There are hundreds of dinosaurs in the game that are divided into four types: common, legendary, rare and epic dinosaurs. I mostly encounter the common ones roaming around my township and my office while sightings of legendary and epic dinosaurs are rare. However, it’s possible to locate rare dinosaurs in common public areas such as public parks.

Once you have collected sufficient amount of DNA, you can create dinosaurs to be a part of your ever-expanding dinosaur collection. I managed to get seven dinosaurs in my squad after playing the game for two days.

Gotta collect them all.
Gotta collect them all.

If you want to unlock legendary or epic dinosaurs (the purple ones in the picture), it’s not possible to get it through the traditional dart-shooting method. You can secure these types of dinosaurs through the fusion of two dinosaurs. Another way to procure DNA of legendary, epic and rare dinosaurs is by opening the incubators from the market and the battle arena, which diminishes the element of active walking in real life. Once again, microtransaction wins here.

May the strongest dinosaurs win


The battle arena can be unlocked after you have captured your fourth dinosaur regardless of any level. Your team consists of four dinosaurs to go up against other players from all over the globe. The matchmaking doesn’t take too long for me which is around 2 minutes to start a match.

In battle mode, you have to take down the opponent’s dinosaurs in three rounds. What makes the battle arena stand out compared to the gym battle in Pokemon Go is that it follows turn-based strategy style like you’re playing an actual Pokemon game. You always have the first turn to strike your opponent and you have to wait for another turn to resume attack.

To form a strong dino team, you need to keep an eye of each dinosaur stats such as larger health pool to endure more hits; higher speeds to accelerate turns and higher damage stats to topple opponent’s dinosaur in a blink of an eye. Besides, each dinosaur is endowed with certain abilities like stuns, armor piercing attacks and more, so fight according to the twists and turns of the battle.

Some players like to switch the dinosaur every chance that they can get but it’s a useful strategy.
Some players like to switch the dinosaur every chance that they can get but it’s a useful strategy.

Despite being launched over a week ago, Jurassic World: Alive has managed to present something fresh, especially with the battle arena in the location-based mobile game genre popularised by the likes of Pokemon Go. I wish I could walk rigorously to gather the legendary dinosaurs’ DNA and not leaving it to blind luck.

If you’re looking to swap your Pokemon adventures to pursue a dinosaur quest, Jurassic World: Alive is now available for Android and iOS for free but has in-game transactions. If you’re into managing your own jurassic park, get ready for Jurassic World: Evolution slated for release this 12 June for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Dinosaur GO
It might have some striking similarities with the popular location-based mobile game like Pokemon GO, but Jurassic World: Alive is able to bring the prehistoric creatures in engaging ways for mobile users.
The Good
  • Fun Turn-Based Battle Arena
  • Many Dinosaurs To Collect
  • Walk A Thousand Mile To Catch Dinosaurs
The Bad
  • Need Microtransaction To Collect All Dinosaurs
  • Short Battery Life For Drone
  • Need High Accuracy Of Swipe And Shoot To Get DNA
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