Revenge was sweet for Newbee as they take down Team Liquid to be crowned as the champions of ESL One Genting

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 28, 2018

The second year of ESL One Genting has officially come to an end after fans all over the world witnessed Dota 2 played at the highest level with Newbee successfully breaking the curse and beating The International 7 champions, Team Liquid to be crowned as the champions of ESL One Genting Minor.

The finals of ESL One Genting is a rematch of The International 7 grand finals, where we saw Team Liquid took down Newbee in a very dominant fashion. Joy can be seen on all of the Newbee players' faces and when Newbee's offlaner, Kpii shouted "cool!" when the team was asked how they feel.

Throughout the entire tournament, Newbee displayed phenomenal Dota 2 gameplay and they carried the momentum forward which ultimately led them to victory. The finals of this tournament was indeed a nail-biting one, with the series ending 3-2 in Newbee's favor. Newbee's drafting was great throughout the series, especially the Naga Siren picks that played a huge part in helping them win fights after fights.

As the champions of a Minor tournament, Newbee is going home with $160,000 in prize money, as well as 200 Dota Pro Circuit points for each player. Team Liquid did not leave Malaysia empty handed as they are rewarded with $80,000 prize money and also 120 Dota Pro Circuit points per player.

Congratulations to Newbee not only for being the champions but also lifting the curse of not winning anything. To relive all of the matches, visit ESL One's Facebook page to watch all of the matches there.

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