Retailer’s error in setting Red Dead Redemption 2 release date hints at October launch

By Kin Boon on Mar 29, 2017

Image credit: The Verge
Image credit: The Verge

Rockstar hasn't revealed much about Red Dead Redemption 2, besides the fact that it’ll be releasing in Fall 2017, but a Polish retailer might have hinted on the actual release date for the open-world western action-adventure game. According to Polish gaming site CD-Action, the game was listed to be released on October 3 by MediaMarkt and they enquired the store about it. MediaMarkt responded by email, saying that they were informed of the release date by Red Redemption 2’s distributor.

"I would like to inform you that our marketing department was informed by [the] distributor of the game that its airing date is 3rd of October 2017,” said the retailer.

MediaMarkt has since changed the date back to December 31, 2017, before claiming that the October date was a mistake. We might not know whether it’s really just a mistake on their part, or they are trying to cover up for divulging classified information, but the October 3 timeline seems possible, considering it’s during Fall 2017. Not to mention that Rockstar’s previous title launch, Grand Theft Auto V was released around the same time as well on September 2013. So the chances for an October release for Red Dead Redemption 2 seems very high.

With that said, we still need to wait for Rockstar’s official confirmation, and they weren’t known for rushing their marketing plans in response to a leak. So we’ll just have to play the waiting game now to know when we can truly return to the Wild West.

Source: Games Radar

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