Resident Evil: Vendetta CGI movie is coming to Malaysia!

By Melvyn Tan on Feb 13, 2017

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

If you were disappointed by Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is currently playing in cinemas, here's some good news: Golden Screen Cinemas announced earlier today on their Facebook page that CGI movie Resident Evil: Vendetta will be coming to Malaysia. 

The third instalment in the Resident Evil/Biohazard CGI movie series, Resident Evil: Vendetta is - according to the video description - directly connected to the Resident Evil game’s story". Fan favourite characters like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers will star in the movie.

Here's the film's plot, as provided by IMDb:

"BSAA Chris Redfield enlists the help of government agent Leon S. Kennedy and Professor Rebecca Chambers from Alexander Institute of Biotechnology to stop a death merchant with a vengeance from spreading a deadly virus in New York."

The trailer, which was uploaded by Sony Pictures Entertainment a few days ago, isn't a new one, though it does differ from the previously released trailer with its English text. The scenes and their sequence are the same though, with the first half featuring a creepy mansion and having a survival horror atmosphere while the second half contains a snippet of a highway chase involving zombie dogs, a giant creature and a bit of crazy gun fu. 

I'm not sure what's the fanbase's consensus on the CGI movies, but the last two CGI movies were alright to me. At the very least, I found them better than the live action movies (I haven't watched The Final Chapter though), and the final battle of Resident Evil: Damnation was pretty damn epic. 

Resident Evil: Vendetta is slated to hit theaters this summer. The Japanese release date is listed by IMDb to be May 27, 2017.

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