Replay system will come to PlayerUnknown's Battleground before leaving Steam Early Access

By Kurtis Chan on May 31, 2017

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Brendan 'PLAYERUNKNOWN' Greene, the founder of PlayerUnknown's Battleground, mentioned that the developer team is working on a replay system for the game and aims to implement it before the game leaves Steam Early Access and gets a full release.

The replay system will come in two different view modes, 2D overhead view and 3D view. "We have 2D and 3D replays planned for the game," Greene said in the interview. "We have a team that just joined that are working on a 3D replay system at the moment, which is great because while they are doing that, we don't have to spend resources on it. It's something that I really feel is essential to the game, having the ability to watch your own round back in the game and have a spectator camera where you can just watch yourself, and watch any round basically.


The replay system is extremely beneficial for players and content creators alike. Players can now know where did the killing shot came from and content creators can utilize to replay system to obtain gameplay footage instead of running a third party recording software and it may reduce the performance of the game if your gaming rig is not powerful enough. "This will help the game in the long-term where it'll provide content creators and players with ways to create interesting videos," Greene stated.

Besides the replay system, there are also tons of features that Greene wants to add into his game such as single player campaign and modding. "Going forward, we plan to add modding in. We feel that can help our game survive that one year flash in the pan, so to speak. We want to provide a platform for game modes, you already see it with our custom games. We don't want to restrict people to just the battle royale game mode or just the game modes we make. We want to see what everyone can create," Greene added.

A replay system is definitely needed in this game as most of the time I don't even know where the enemies are shooting from and I died without knowing what happened except being shot at. PlayerUnknown's Battleground is now available in Steam Early Access and it will be available for console players in the near future.

You can watch the full interview with Brendan 'PLAYERUNKNOWN' Greene on Game Informer's YouTube channel.

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