Reinhardt's new bug allows a more intimate time with the enemies in Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 20, 2017

Overwatch's crusader against the Omnic Crisis, Reinhardt is the latest recipient of bugs and glitches in Overwatch. The bug works whenever Reinhardt charges an opponent off a cliff given the exact right timing, both Reinhardt and the enemy charged will have their private moment in the spawn room instead of dying.

The bug was recently demonstrated by a Reddit user, FonnixFTW where coincidentally he was playing as Ana in Watchpoint Gibraltar. He was stunned by Reinhardt's Earthshatter and the Reinhardt attempted in charging him off the cliff, until something weird happened where Ana was respawned at the enemy's base along with Reinhardt himself. Ironically, the first defending team spawn room in Gibraltar has beds, maybe Ana is in Reinhardt's naughty list. I can definitely imagine something like this happened in the room:

As more comments flow in, it seems that this bug only occurs in custom games that has zero respawn timers set. A few days ago, user, Little posted in the Overwatch Forum that this bug happened to him while playing in a custom game with no respawn time. "So I was playing a game of no cooldowns on oasis when I got charged by a rein into traffic. Then rein and I got killed by the cars and when I spawned I was in the enemy spawn room (note: there was no respawn time). I suspect the rein's charge wasn't finished and as there was no respawn time it teleported me to him to finish the charge. Other players also got stuck there when the rein continued to charge people," Little posted. There are no response from the Overwatch team so far.

This bug sounds fun to try out, but hopefully it only happens in custom games. As long as it doesn't goes over to Quick Play or Competitive, I'm absolutely fine with it.

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