Reeling in the new Gamevice GV157

By Kurtis Chan on Dec 5, 2017

Gamevice’s latest model in their line of mobile gaming peripherals is here. It’s called the GV157 and is compatible with the iPhone 6 all the way up to iPhone 8 and 8+. It combines form and function to provide precise controls to your mobile games.Getting your phone strapped is superbly easy, just get your phone, plug it right into the Lightning port, get it comfy and tighten up the strap. The iPhone fits snugly and does not slip off easily. One of the best features of the GV 157 is that it doesn’t use Bluetooth at all and slots right into the Lightning port. This is great as it acts as a direct connection to the iPhone, thus allowing for precise input, no latency or connectivity issues that comes with Bluetooth pairing. It's also cool how the Gamevice doesn’t run on batteries, it shares the power straight from your phone when used. It also uses the same amount of power as your Apple earphones. 

And if you need to charge, there’s an additional port on the bottom to allow phone charging while you play. With a headphone jack right next to it, it’s very handy for on the go playing with your headphones on and your iPhone charging on a Powerbank. Finding games that is supported by the Gamevice is made easy with their dedicated Gamevice Live app, which houses thousands of paid and free games which can be supported by the device, with games such as Batman: The Enemy Within, Crazy Taxi and many more.

Gamevice Live Interface at
Gamevice Live Interface at

Controls and Performance

Now, when it comes to being a mobile controller, there really is no equal. It’s no secret that normal touchscreen controls can be finicky and doesn’t offer much precision or control that a controller can offer. Gamevice offers an ergonomic solution to all your touchscreen control problems. It has two analogue sticks, a d-pad, menu button, 4 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons, very much in the same vein as an Xbox controller and all the hallmarks of a professional gaming controller.

Gaming On The Gamevice

In total, I’ve tried 5 games that support the GV157, which are Street Fighter IV, Rayman, Minecraft, Asphalt 8 and Breakneck.

Street Fighter IV was excellent and there’s never been a better way to pull off a Hadoken then with a physical analog and buttons in your hand. The one on one battles are made more intense with the GVI57, and also endures a steady victory. Now with Rayman, it as if the GV157 was built with this game in-mind, the controls were excellent and it made platforming a breeze. Compared to the touchscreen controls, having a physical control elevated the gaming experience. No one should ever suffer a platformer with touchscreen buttons. Minecraft is also great with the GV157, it really benefits with the addition of a second analogue stick to control the camera. Building and exploring are as it should be and the GV157 is perfect for long hours of creating your perfect world in Minecraft.

Asphalt 8 is great too, the game without a controller means you have to do a lot of tapping and even wrestle with some motion controls to steer your car. The GV157 simplifies the ordeal and makes it easy to control.The only thing players have to get used to is Asphalt doesn’t have a dedicated accelerate button and instead uses the A button for boosting. Lastly, Breakneck, an endless racing game that requires precise dodging of obstacles to progress. Just like Asphalt 8’s controls, it usually uses motion and touchscreen controls, with the GV157, the game becomes less stressful as you don’t have to wrestle with the controls and just enjoy the game for what it is.

The only drawback of the GV157 is that sometimes you still have to rely on the phone’s touchscreen to access the menu tabs while playing certain games. When playing Asphalt 8, the game can be paused by pressing the menu button on the GV157 and settings can be changed easily with the d-pad. However, when playing Street Fighter IV, I am still able to pause the game witht the menu button but I was not able to navigate around with the d-pad, which forces me to utilize the touchscreen.


Overall, Gamevice changes your mobile gaming experience for the better, going from touchscreen casual, to a mobile gaming pro on-the-go. With the new Gamevice Live app, you can even check out all the games compatible with the device and download them straight to your iPhone. It retails at RM 449.00 and starts at 139SGD. So try it out and change the way you game. Check out Gamevice Sea's official Facebook page to find out more about Gamevice GV157.

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