RBxAl3x’s heroics helped RB.eMaster clinched the National Championships Season 5 title

By Kin Boon on Feb 27, 2017

Garena’s National Championships Season 5 Grand Finals was recently held at Mineski eSports Arena, featuring four teams who qualified from the qualifying stages as they battle it out in a double-elimination format knockout round. OUG 45 (Selangor), Azuri Crew (Singapore), RB.eMaster (Selangor), and Geng Raid Z (Selangor) contested for a total prize pool of RM40,000 and the glory of being Malaysia and Singapore’s best FIFA Online 3 (FO3) team, with RB.eMaster clinching the coveted title.

It wasn’t a straightforward route to the title for FO3 veterans RB.eMaster, who lost to eventual finalists OUG 45 in the semi-finals after comfortably beating Azuri Crew in the first round. They then dropped to the lower bracket to face Geng Raid Z, who they dispatched easily to set up a mouthwatering final showdown (bo5) against OUG 45 as both of them were deemed to be the favorites of the tournament.

If the first match of the finals were any indication of what’s to come, it definitely didn’t point to a straightforward victory for RB.eMaster. OUG 45’s RSWintersss raced to a 2-0 lead by half-time, which was considered as a game, set, and match in terms of FO3’s standards, but RBxA13x rallied and made an unlikely yet superb comeback to win the game 2-3, much to the delight of his supporters. He then stayed on and maintained his composure to beat J0K3R (1-0) and OrangeOld (1-0) as he single-handedly secured the National Championships Season 5 title for RB.eMaster.

With that said, team captain RBxA13x prefers to look at this victory as a team effort, which he credited his teammates for pushing him even when he was trailing in the first match against RSWintersss. “I felt disappointed when I was 2-0 down and I was about to give up, but I have to thank my teammates (eMasterVin and RBxArroyos) for encouraging me and giving different pointers on how to accomplish the comeback,” he said. Winning the National Championships Season 5 title net them RM16,000, along with a 2nd stage spot for the next Fantasy Cup, a qualifying tournament to pick the nation’s representative for international tournaments. This victory also resulted in eMasterVin becoming the only person to have won the title twice, after securing the Season 3 title as an individual player.

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