Razer's New Smartphone Specs Revealed

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 13, 2017

It is still half a month away from the full reveal of Razer's new smartphone but thanks to GFXBench specifications leak, we can get a good grasp at what Razer has to offer with its new smartphone.


The first thing you will notice is the absence of it's very own OS, which is unsurprising as the fastest way to come up with your own smartphone is to make use of the Google engine. Its display resolution also hints that there most likely won't be any bezel-less display which is good, because it usually tallies to a larger screen estate meaning a larger battery capacity. RAM wise, 8GB is definitely a performance worthy amount which would be able to handle most mobile games of today and the future. 

From these specifications, the one thing we can agree on would be the price would most likely be groundbreaking, so prepare your wallets if you are hoping to get your hands on Razer's latest smartphones.

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