Razer Is Sponsoring Seoul Dynasty

By Yue Lynn on Feb 7, 2018

One of Earth’s most iconic gaming brands has promoted their SR rank as of today because they have freshly announced that they will be sponsoring one of Overwatch League’s top teams, aka Seoul Dynasty! Additionally, Razer will embark on a two-year partnership with KSV eSports, “benefiting all teams and players in the organization as the sponsorship of Seoul Dynasty is part of a wider sponsorship deal with KSV eSports, owners and managers of multiple successful, high profile teams and players.”

Subsequently, this means that Seoul Dynasty’s Players will be “using Razer’s esports grade peripherals in all their 2018 training and tournament activities.”

“Helping ambitious organizations and players reach the next level has been a matter of the heart for Razer since the very early days of professional esports,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “The passion and dedication to building a long-term, winning organization of players makes a two-year deal with KSV eSports and Seoul Dynasty an easy decision.”

"KSV eSports teams and players are among the most talented and professional the industry has to offer,” said Kevin Chou, CEO and co-founder of KSV eSports. “Partnering with Razer ensures our athletes have access to the highest-quality peripherals to continue the organization’s success for now and into the future.”

With the sponsorship deal, Razer will supply mice, keyboards, headsets and surfaces to both KSV eSports and Seoul Dynasty teams (as seen in the above image), putting pro-tournament grade equipment at the fingertips and on the heads of some of the world’s top players. Current players and future signings will have access to Razer’s pro-gaming peripherals. Now, if only Razer can sponsor Gamehubs too...

To study more on esports and Team Razer visit: https://www.razerzone.com/team

Click here to see Seoul Dynasty's Razer page.

Click here to go to KSV eSports' website and stay updated with their Facebook page!

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