Rating the nefariousness levels of Nenderoid Mei's poses

By Melvyn Tan on Apr 11, 2017

After getting Overwatch recently and having experienced the joy of fighting Mei, I was absolutely thrilled when I learned of the existence of Nenderoid Mei. Okay, that's a lie. While Nenderoid Tracer is legitimately cute, it's clear that behind Nenderoid Mei's smiling exterior is nothing but a nefarious aura and demonic energy - just like in-game Mei - and if I were to see it in real life I would physically recoil in horror. 

In case you've been fooled by its pretend-cuteness, let this review of the Nenderoid Mei's nefarious poses open your eyes to the horror that it truly is.

Our World Is Worth Fighting For

"Our world is worth fighting for!" Indeed it is, especially if it's to safeguard it from the likes of Mei/Nenderoid. Even Nenderoid Mei knows that, hence that sneaky, all-knowing smile as it peers right at you through its glasses.

While its head is facing straight towards its target/victim, its body is slightly angled while its right leg is ahead of the left - it's slowly approaching towards you to get in range while distracting you with that smile! Meanwhile, its right hand is curled in a fist and raised towards its cheek while the left is outstretched and remains close to its waist. I'm not sure what to make of its hands and arms, but it surely can't be good news.

Nefariousness level: Mei/Mei

Endothermic Blaster

Basically the follow-up to the previous pose, where Nenderoid Mei is within range and unleashing the horrors of its endothermic blaster. Funnily enough, it looks less evil firing its weapon then when it was merely walking, perhaps due to the fact that it's facing an angle in this pose's screenshot. The stuff that the blaster is shooting out looks pretty cute too, and personally it looks a little like cotton candy. If only Mei fired harmless cotton candy in the game...

Aside from the blaster, the noticeable thing in this pose are Nenderoid Mei's legs - it's only standing on one, and it's clear from the way it stands that it's enjoying the act of firing its blaster and slowing its poor victim before freezing him/her/it long enough for a head shot with an icicle. How sadistic! However, the angle of the head takes away the evilness of the smile and makes it almost seem as if Nenderoid Mei isn't quite aware of her actions...

Well, that was what I had thought at first, but after looking at the pose again, what I see is Nenderoid Mei calmly unleashing terror onto her victim and taking quiet pleasure in it.

Nefariousness level: 7.5/10

Freeze! Don't Move!

Like the previous pose, this would be the scene of a potentially horrifiying experience in an Overwatch match, but here it looks harmless and cute. The thing that the weather drone is belching out resembles either ice cream or a large pile of frozen poop, and the area around it looks like a small but fun skating ring rather than the terrifying blizzard it is in the game.

As for Nenderoid Mei, since it's not facing us and there're no victims to be seen in the blizzard, there's not a whole lot of nefariousness to be found here. Thank goodness.

Nefariousness level: 3/10 

Emote: Yaaaaaaaaay!

After watching Mei's "Yay" emote on YouTube, I'll gladly take Nenderoid Mei's static pose version over the original any time. While the original makes me question Mei's happy attitude which she effortlessly maintains as she does terrible things to her enemies even more, Nenderoid Mei's pose - arms outstretched, head slightly tilted as she smiles - looks very innocent. This is perhaps the first time I can stomach the sight of Mei smiling right at me. Maybe it's because its eyes are closed.

Nefariousness level: 0/10

 Emote: Companion

In contrast to the "Yay" emote, the "Companion" emote looks alright in the game but unsettling in its Nenderoid pose form. In this pose, Nenderoid Mei is holding the weather machine in its hand, and it expression as it looks at the machine clearly indicates that it has evil plans swirling in its mind. It carries its endothermic blaster in its other hand, but it's its face and the weather machine that provide the nefarious aura for this pose. Not as nefarious as the first pose, thankfully, but nefarious nevertheless.

Nefariousness level: 8.5/10

And that's the end of the "review", which contains less high-scoring nefariousness levels than I had imagined. Do you want Nenderoid Mei so that you can scare your Mei-fearing Overwatch friends? You can pre-order here

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