Rating the cuteness levels of Nenderoid Tracer's poses

By Melvyn Tan on Feb 15, 2017

Before we start, allow me to confess two things. One: I don't play Overwatch; two: I adore D.Va fanart (well, some of it anyway). Mercy is kinda hot, I must admit, but D.Va will always be my No. 1 favourite character from a game I have not touched.  

That said, only a completely soulless human could look at a picture of the super cute Nenderoid Tracer on their Facebook news feed and scroll away without so much as a single thought. Recently announced by Good Smile Company, the nenderoid features the fast-moving Overwatch character in her classic skin and the ability to create both poses from the game and original poses.

Simply put, Nenderoid Tracer is super cute (did I mention that already?), but I can't help but feel that some of the poses shown in the screenshots are significantly superior in the cuteness level than others. To make a comparison, I have decided to do a semi-pointless review of the poses shown on this page. Note that the images of these poses do not show the stand, unlike the one above. Let's begin!


I doubt that "Cheers, Love! The Calvary's Here!" is the actual name of this pose, or if these poses even have true official names, but for convenience's sake we'll go with the headings from the Nenderoid Tracer page. Anyway, this pose features Nenderoid Tracer mid-run with her Pulse Pistols in hand, her head slightly angled to the side. The angle of the picture makes it look as if she bestowing a glance on the viewer as she zips by, and her open mouth smile adds joy to that.

It's a solid dynamic pose, but while it doesn't take away Nenderoid Tracer's inherent cuteness it doesn't really enhance it either. It'll make you go "oh, that's kinda cute", but it won't make you go "oh man, that's so cute!" A pretty good pose, but only decent cute pose. A wink could have made this so much better, in my opinion.

Cuteness Rating: 7/10

Afterthought: If you intepret this pose as Nenderoid Tracer on her way to annihilate a bunch of people in a happy-go-lucky manner, I guess it deserves a cuteness rating of 8.5/10.

Pulse Pistols

A much more playful and mischevious pose than the previous one, and yes a pretty cute one too. Her Pulse Pistols are meant the focus of the picture, but the spring in her step/skip/leap/whatever it is easily steals the viewer's attention. It reminds me a little of the replacement of the controversial Tracer victory pose, and I suspect that this was at least partially inspired by that. 

The similarities between this Nenderoid Tracer pose and the second butt pose only apply to the body however. Instead of looking over her back, she's once again looking at an angle, although it corresponds to where her Pulse Pistols are aimed at. Combined with the angle of the picture, it gives off the impression that Nenderoid Tracer is looking and smiling right at you, and while it's nice to be at the centre of her attention having the pistols focused on you diminishes the good feeling.

The problem for me is the head, which lacks the dynamic feel of the body's posture, partly because it feels like its locked in a straight direction. The closed-lip smile is another negative and a downgrade from the open mouth smile in the previous pose. Better body pose than the previous one, but a more lacklustre head.

Cuteness Rating: Let's try that again.

Blink Ability

The visual effect for Tracer's Blink ability is an actual part that's included with Nenderoid Tracer. It adds some visual flair to this simple pose, but does it add to the cuteness? Without the Blink ability part, this is basically a picture of Tracer just running with her pistols and head and eyes focused in front of her, which doesn't exactly exude cuteness. With it, the picture looks cooler and more stylish, but it's not notably cuter in any way. Not a terrible pose, but compared to the last two it's pretty bland.

Cuteness Rating: 5.5/10

Pulse Bomb

Awww, look at Nenderoid Tracer's little outstretched hand and her happy yet composed expression as she throws her bomb. I would've liked to see the open mouth smile from the first pose here, but it doesn't diminish how adorable this pose is. Viewed under a different light, the thought of cute-looking Nenderoid Tracer flinging a dangerous device in such a casual and carefree manner and smile is actually pretty creepy. Put that thought away or imagine the bomb as something much less fatal however, and there's no denying how adorable this is, albeit in a slightly low-key way.

Cuteness rating: 8.5/10


The first pose grew on me quite a bit as i wrote this article, but prior to that this was easily the cutest Nenderoid Tracer pose in my eyes. It's the Heroic Tracer pose from the game, but here we have Nenderoid Tracer head's tilted up, eyes looking upwards while her mouth froms something like an inverted "V" shape. I think I'd prefer a small "O" shape for her mouth instead, but the inverted "V" is still alright.

By itself the pose is just a normal "acting cool" kind of thing, but with Nenderoid Tracer's chibi proportions and cuteness, it becomes a cool and cute pose, with the cute factor mostly overweighing the cool factor. There's an aura of coolness if you look closely, but the cuteness aura is far more dominant and contributes to how wonderful this pose is. 

Cuteness Rating: Look out world! Tracer's here.

Afterthought: Nenderoid Tracer looks a bit like she's frowning here, but a more prominent (and slightly comical) one - or perhaps an open mouth smile combined with a higher-angled head while her eyes look at you - would've made things even better. You can also adjust her hair to cover her face if you wish, as the first image in this article shows.

And so we've come to the end of my "review". If Nenderoid Tracer has won your heart (shouldn't be difficult for that to happen), you may pre-order here or read the details and features on the same page first. There's a video too, which you can find below. Cheers!

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