Rating the angelic levels of Nenderoid Mercy’s poses

By Melvyn Tan on Jul 12, 2017

Following the reveal of the demonic Nenderoid Mei back in April, we’ve now been blessed with the reveal of the angelic Nenderoid Mercy. Unfortunately, my anticipation of a Nenderoid D.Va and my preference for the Swiss Overwatch hero’s kinkier Witch and Devil skins have prevented her angelic light from warming my heart at the moment. We'll see whether that changes by the end of this review of her poses.

Now, let us begin before Genji asks for healing.


I’ll Be Watching Over You

“I’ll be watching over you,” thinks Nenderoid Mercy as she fixates her large, unblinking eyes upon you with a smile. Luckily, the sight isn’t at all unsettling In reality and actually falls closer to the side of being soothing. In this pose, Mercy hovers with her head angled to the left, staff in her right hand while the other hand has its palm opened and facing the ground. The gracefulness and lightweight feel of this pose gives the impression of a butterfly, but instead of being combined with the sting of a bee all we get is pure gentleness.

It’s not the most striking pose, but still, it’s Mama Mercy watching over you. Sure, she’s doing so in Nenderoid form, but that doesn’t prevent her angelic warmth from radiating.

Angelic level: 8.5/10


Healing Stream Engaged

A pose that requires the presence of another Overwatch Nenderoid figure to feel complete, this one has Nenderoid Mercy performing her duties as a healer and shooting a healing beam from her staff. It’s similar to the first pose, but with the both head and staff pointed straight ahead with concentrated intent.

It doesn’t feel as warm and gentle as the first pose, but that’s partially because the image presents us with both Nenderoid Mercy and Nenderoid Tracer’s backs. Were it a frontal view with their smiles unobscured, I’m sure that it’d give off a more feel-good vibe. However, the fact that another character is required to have the presence of the beam make sense means that that vibe will be influenced by whoever is receiving the healing. Imagine if a Nenderoid Doomfist was that receiver - I doubt that that would create any warm fuzzy feelings (or would it?).

But if it was a Nenderoid Pharah on the other hand…

Angelic level: 8/10 (10/10 if Pharmercy)


Battle Angel

Nenderoid Mercy trades her sweet smile for a snarl as circumstances force her to whip out her pistol. It’s a more dynamic pose than the previous two, with Nenderoid Mercy taking aim with her pistol with her body and head at an angle while the staff is put down for the moment. It’s an appropriately serious look which sacrifices her usual warmth, thus knocking off angelic level points. It’s still Mercy though, so it won’t be an angelic level of zero.

Angelic level: 4/10


Support Has Arrived

Another shot of Nenderoid Mercy's back, which takes away the thrill of having the angelic support arrive to make you feel better in appropriate ways. Yes, the healing stream pose showed us her back too but it feels like more of a serious bummer here, even if the intention is to highlight her wings. Anyway, Nenderoid Mercy’s airbourne and has her body tilted to her right, making her seem somewhat drunk or looking more like she’s taking off instead of landing. Her staff’s in front of her while her left hand’s outstretched to the left.

I suppose the frontal view would give off the impression of her in the midst of literally swooping in, just before she rights herself and lands gracefully. It’s a bit tricky to imagine, but I envision that it’d be a soothing yet dynamic sight to see. From the back though, I feel nothing. The Devil skin would’ve worked much better in this case - at least it’d give us a tail to see.

Angelic level: Potentially 8/10 if viewed from the front


Now, Where Am I Needed?


This pose makes Nenderoid Mercy looks as if she’s strutting forward calmly and either stylishly or sexily (or both) as she unworriedly wonders where to go do her healing. Her right hand carries the staff by her side while the left is outstretched as if meant to balance her. Meanwhile, her legs make her look as if she’s being slightly dramatic with her stance.

Despite having the same expression as the first pose, her face feels less sweet and more determined here. Not a bad thing, but it does feel less angelic.

Angelic level: 7/10


Heroes Never Die!


Nenderoid Mercy posing like she’s casting her ultimate. Interestingly, her eyes are looking towards the side as she smiles, giving a cheeky vibe that suggests she knows just how annoyed her enemies are by her action. Having her hold her staff behind her back creates a sense of playfulness that suits her expression. I can imagine her thinking: “Teehee! Heroes Never Die!”

It’s a cute look, but because it’s all too easy to look at the pose from the viewpoint of the enemy team the potential angelic factor feels diminished here, especially with that cheeky expression.

Angelic level: 6.5/10

And thus this review ends on a slightly middling note after a strong start. If you feel like you need some healing, you can pre-order Nenderoid Mercy here.

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