Rainbow Six Siege patch delivers Ultra-HD textures to PC and auto-kick justice to team-killers

By Melvyn Tan on Dec 17, 2015

Rainbow Six Siege's patch 1.1, which deployed on December 16, brings not just tweaks and fixes to Ubisoft's tactical shooter - of which there are plenty - but also an Ultra-HD texture pack for PC players.

The texture pack is free and is aimed for players rocking a 4k resolution screen, but those with 4GB GPUs will be able to utilize the texture pack at lower resolutions from 1080p to 1440p.

As for the tweaks and fixes, most notable is the addition of an auto-kick feature for players who intentionally gun down their teammates, as well as improvements to hit-registration and an increased server tick-rate for PC. Efforts to curb spawn-killing have also been made, with the time to detect Defenders outside reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

The patch also brings playlist changes, matchmaking improvements and fixes for various community raised bugs. These bugs include ones where players would get stuck after rappelling or have their camera turned upside down instead.

There's a lot of stuff to read, and you can do so here.

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