Ragnarok Returns With A Remake For Your Smartphone

By Dale Bashir on Jul 4, 2018

Ragnarok is getting an all-new remake called Ragnarok:Eternal Love! Remade from the ground up with 3D models, instead of the 2D visuals of the original, it still has all your favourite monsters and character classes, just updated for modern day phones.

In Ragnarok: Eternal Love, you must band together with other Novices and save the world from evil. Battle evil skeletons, Porings, and a whole assortment of demons. Choose between the classic jobs of yesteryear which includes swordsman, archer and magician, and level up to reach even higher scales of power. Each job can be upgraded to their highest potential, just like in the PC original.

The new 3D graphics adds much needed colour and vibrancy to the beloved classic. Each individual Poring has been rendered in 3D and looks better than ever. Familiar towns and dungeons have also been remade, making the return to these areas more than just a nostalgia trip. Along with the new 3D graphics, there seems to be some AR functionality (taking a cue from the ever-popular Pokemon Go) except the augmented reality in Ragnarok allows you to fully look around and take pictures of your avatar in the gaming world itself.

This new Ragnarok game was actually released in China last year as an open beta in January and was officially released in March 2017. Korea also saw a release early this year in March. A worldwide localisation will be fully released sometime this year, which has a lot of Malaysian fans definitely excited for.

It has been 15 years or so since the original reached Malaysian shores and caused a massive influx of Ragnarok fever. Players who seek to relive those moments can check out Ragnarok: Eternal Love once the game arrives sometime this year. Keep up to date with the official site right here.

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