Ragnarok Online: Find Out How It Stood The Tests of Time

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 15, 2017

With Ragnarok Online making a comeback at our shores, we decided to take a look back at some of the fun times we had during our early days of gaming in the colourful world of Rune-Midgard and of course some of the tropes that came up during that golden age of online gaming while taking a look at features in the game that stood the tests of time and has been endearing fans till this day.


Guild Community

Ragnarok Guilds are always fun to mingle with
Ragnarok Guilds are always fun to mingle with



One of our fondest memories back during the Ragnarok days were, of course, being part of a guild. It doesn't matter if the guild was big, small or fun-sized, many friendships were created and set in stone over the course of the Ragnarok Online's run. Some would remember big guilds such as Legion, KAOS and MEGA, while others made smaller adventure guilds with friends to which we would plan nightly raids and dungeon runs. More often than not, it was often just a community we can chat in when we are bored with the daily grind.


Guild Wars

Guild wars are also one of the main causes of lags back in the day
Guild wars are also one of the main causes of lags back in the day


Another memory most fondly looked upon would be the weekly guild wars whereby factions will gather their alliances to battle each other in what was known as the war of the Emperium, whereby destroying a castle's Emperium resulted in your guild taking over that castle. Gaining control of a castle not only gives your guild a residence, but it is a sign of its providence and power. usually, guilds that win over castles constantly are placed on a pedestal of glory. The importance of a guild war is such, that many players often create characters that are solely built on fighting these wars. 



A refugee line looking for HP instead of food
A refugee line looking for HP instead of food


During the hay day of Ragnarok online, the era of cheap potions and recovery was not yet upon us and often times, poorer players had to sit around just to wait as their HP and SP heal up after a dungeon run. In order to get around this, you will see some players begging for healing and buffs, which are often provided by the Priest class. This was one of the most sought-after classes outside popular training haunts, as you will see a group of Priest providing missionary work, and while some might feel the charity of providing it for free, most will ask for compensation. Another important service that these priests provide is the warping services, which are basically the fast travel of the era. While Kafra services were often used to get to towns, some players who are trying to get to specific dungeons will often use the warp services, and once again these are not free and are usually more expensive than the basic heal treatments. 


A Deadly Town Called Prontera

This was during a time when monsters roam free, and everyone camps on the entrance
This was during a time when monsters roam free, and everyone camps on the entrance


If you ask any Ragnarok player whether they know the town of Prontera, you can usually get the same answer which is yes and also travel advise to not go during peak hours. Prontera is a bustling town, as it serves as the capital for Ragnarok Online, with thousands of traders often plying their trade at the centre and the roads yonder. Once in a while, merchants stock up on a curious item called Branch of Dead tree which upon usage, randomly spawns any creature. At first glance you might be wondering, how bad can that be, only to witness the horror when someone starts to spam Branch of Dead Tree summoning everything from cute Porings to deadly Knight Of Windstorms and even Dark Lords. So don't be surprised when the town is littered with dead bodies every few hours. 




Man, game soundtracks usually don't play much of a role during my time gaming, but Ragnarok Online was one of the few games that enlightened me on the importance of a good soundtrack for world building. each town and dungeon is filled with its iconic music theme to which some would remember even until today. In fact, some might get PTSD after listening to those dungeons which filled many players with dread, such as Glast Helm and Geffen Underground, or even Toy Factory. 


So with the release of the Malaysian server next week, we hope we can see you guys in the game that sculpted our childhood.


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